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  1. So I had a follow-up with my daughter's Dr. today and asked a ton of questions. This was the first chance I had to speak with him since we first heard that she tested positive for Celiacs. Her Ttg level was 153. He has referred us to a specialist on the 22nd and he said at this point I may know more about Celiacs than he does, simply because I have spend countless hours researching it since last week. My wife and other daughter were tested today, and I am getting tested tomorrow. With a reading of 153 do you think the specialist will say the biopsy is necessary? Or is a reading like that generally mean it's a sure thing. I hate to put my 4-yr old through that if it isnt needed. I know I will get my answers next week, but I was just trying to gage what others have been told. Thanks, Micah
  2. Thanks for the advise from those of you who have given advice on how to explain things like this to a toddler. On the flip side though, I think it may be harder for me to explain, simply b/c she doesnt get sick from eating gluten. No side effects so far other than she is pretty small...so maybe that is my angle when we talk. And for those that asked, I do live in Colorado (Littleton). Thanks again for all the advice from everyone...especially the advice on replacement foods and brand names. I have heard the Vitamin Cottage is better priced than Shole fFoods. True? Micah
  3. Thank you for your help everyone. Her biopsy is scheduled for the 22nd. In the mean time I am understanding the the rest of our family needs to be tested as well. I have been directed to alot of material that is really helping, so I appreciate this. Interestingly enough, there was a good sized article in The Denver Post this week about Celiacs. I think it is still available online if anoyne wants to read it. I am finding more and more people through friends and family who are Celiacs, and they have been sharing everything from books to shopping lists. Thank you again, and I'll be around to share, and get ideas. Micah
  4. Thanks for this first response Andrea. For a Father who wants nothing but to protect his daughter, this is a bit overwhelming right now. It just seems odd that we would go from her having a hearty dose of glutens every day, to being paranoid about another childs hands touching hers when they eat, or sitting at seperate tables to avoid cross contamination. To make it more confusing, the wife spoke with the Dr, so I dont know what test came back positeive, or what the severity is. And they are closed to Monday. So I have another 2 days to obsess about this and come loaded with questions when I call him. But thank you for the welcome. Micah
  5. First of all, thank you ahead of time to anyone that responds. I have been reading threads on this forum for a few hours now, and I am coming across alot of practical issues that I had not thought of in terms of dealing with this. My 4 year old (Kayla) has always been small, and the last checkup showed she was in the bottom 5% height and weight for her age. This led the DR to run blood tests and an x-ray. Not all the genetic tests are back yet, but we were told she does have celiacs. We have been instructed to set an appointment with an area specialist who will do some more lab work on her, including some type of intestinal scope. How invasive is this procedure? Is it 100% necessary? Also, we were told not to change her diet until all the lab work has been done, otherwise the results might not show the true extent of the problem or whatever. Kayla does not seem to suffer from many of the side effects of Celiacs that I have seen discussed here. Rarely if any constipation. No sleeping issues, no sickness after eating meals loaded with gluten. Nevertheless, I hate to give my daughter food that can be harming her for another 3 weeks- when the lab work is done. Here are some issues I have seen raised in some threads that I dont understand. Any help is appreciated. I see talk of cross contamination. I understand the concept fine- but is it really necessary to use seperate utencils, pans, etc. I even saw a post about contaminating the oven!? Also talk of other kids contaminating her food by touching it after eating their own gluten containg food? Ttg levels are discussed here, and I have yet to see a concise definition. Some sort of baseline I am assuming of thier gluten levels? Arts and crafts have gluten I see. Can I find a list somewhere of art suppplies to avoid? How do you tell a 4 year old that many of her favorite foods are off limits now? Sorry for the long read. Disregard as needed, but any info will help, as I am absorbing as much info as possible in the hours since we found out. Micah
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