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  1. recipes: these are corn, rice, gluten-free, DF, also birch group here, too, I have stopped using cider vinager Sounds like we have similar foods to avoid, I am also beginning to wonder if I need to stay away from buckwheat, so moving towards millet and tapioca. I just found out I cant have quinoa, dont know if it is related or not. for a yummy tortilla like recipe to share at a dinner party, more like italianish can use other flours as well http://www.recipezaar.com/189571 we found some tapioca flour only vietnamese "rice" wraps (although I am suspicious) I use lots of sorghum, millet, buckwheat, and tapioca wraps: 1 cup buckwheat flour, dash of salt, 1/3ish cup tapioca, TBP or so oil, and warm water to make runny (1 cup?) let sit for a bit then pour very thin liquid into an oiled, heated pan (I use cast iron skillet). flip when bubbles pop on one side, makes for very good wraps - salmon salad, etc. BRead - you may have to tweek this to your liking: 1 cup tapioca 1 cup millet or grabanzo 1 cup sorghum 1 tsp salt 2 tBsp sugar 2 eggs, 1 tsp vinegar, 2 TSBp oil 1 1/2- 1/ 3/4 cup warm water w/ 1 package yeast and pinch of sugar pancakes 1 cp any mix of flours (buckwheat, 2/3 millet + 1/3 amaranth) 1/3 tapioca 1 tsp soda - mixed in well 2 tBSPsugar dash salt 2 tsp oil 2 eggs water to pancake consistency Hope that those are a start!!
  2. Just thought I would share a new exciting technique at our house that far surpasses the elimination/diary/ challenge for figuring out food intolerances. Our new allergist did patch testing on my kids' backs, but it was expensive and required a weeks stay out of town for us, so for myself I just tried the home version. I made a grid with foods labeled with numbers on paper and got some medical tape. The cloth kind might work better than the plastic kind I had. I used a peice of plastic bag the size of a fingernail - penny and stuck it to the tape and then put the foods in the middle. Everything from salmon to beef to garlic to a paste I made with all of my flours (quinoa came out really highly positive for me!). Then I checked my sides or back for any blemishes and circled them with a permanent marker to ensure that they didnt mess up the results (such as moles, pimples, etc.) and taped the foods up. I found that some foods needed to be cooked (potatoes for me and garbanzos) and they needed to be a bit moist to stick onto the plastic and not fall while taping. Then you leave it on for 2 days without getting wet. Then take it off and note any bumps (more important than redness) that first day. Then check it again for the next two days. The most positive ones gave me exzema type rash, the least were just a little bumpy. I came up with some intolerances that make total sense now looking back on it , but that I had never suspected so I never paid attention to the pattern and didnt see it (applesauce). I am going to test out new foods this way before any other method. I hope that this is ok to send out to all of you. I know that the allergist wouldnt approve in the least, but we all have to take charge of our health ourselves, and I am sure that you have spent as much time as I ahve getting prick tests, blood tests, that show nothing when you know that there is something going on nad you feel crazy. I dont get much computer time, but will try to check back in case anyone wants to try it and I can help with questions, not an expert, but it is working for us!! YIPPEEE! TAke care, Emily and family with crazy diets
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