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  1. I sleep all the time. I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I have been oversleeping and fatigued for years. It has become worse now. I am tired all the time all I want to do is sleep. Example today I woke up at 8pm I went to sleep yesterday at 630 pm. So I slept for over 24 hours. I go to work come home at lunch (thank God I work so close to home) and sleep for an 45 minutes. I force myself not to sleep as soon as I get home so I can take care of my kids (ie, sports practice, supper, etc). This is really effecting my work and my being able to go to my childrens sports events. I do not want to be like this. I hate it and I do not know what to do. No one understands this disease in my family. I need some support and help during this time. If I had cancer or anyother disease I would have support. Unfortunately with lack of knowledge on this disease I do not get that from people around me. Help me understand why I am so tired and sleepy ALL the time. How can I stop this?
  2. Several Gastro-doctors later, I have found out that I have Celiac disease. I am still not sure all about this disease except I cannot eat wheat, gluten, etc. I am finding out just how expensive it is to purchase gluten free products for myself. My kids love the chips I have purchased, but not much of anything else. I am still making them sandwhiches with regular breads and meals with gluten products. How sensitive are we? Can I get sick or cross contamination by making their foods? It is so hard to make evrything gluten free for them. Just by touching the bread or wheat thins am I exposing myself to getting sick? Second question, restaurants can I still go out to eat and get things like a chicken salad without croutons? What is the likelyhood that it would get me sick by cross contamination? Third question, do I need to watch out on what makeup I use, soaps, mosturizers, shampoo, etc.? I am still learning about my Celiac disease so any information by others that are more familiar with this disease I would greatly appreciate your advice or assistance.
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