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  1. Geoff, in my case, B6 is a no-no because of the nerve damage can cause for people with pressure palsy (extra B6 in the system does not flush out of the body - extra B12 in the system is ok because it flushes out) my disorder is called HNPP (heritary nerve pressure palsy), brought on by gluten intolerance. More later, gotta go. bmw
  2. Hi - bmw here, i've been to a Neurologist for the nerve damage, etc. and B6 is a no, no - but taking B12 is a good idea, i've found it at Trader Joes, but try online to find it in store near you. I've had no trouble with corn or dairy myself, but found cutting gluten entirely has helped, give it time (check your labels). Good luck! bmw
  3. Geoff, curious, is your leg pain/numbness your only symptom? i have arm pain, also, and pain in legs comes only when i'm sitting - making traveling and sitting intolerable. i've been on gluten-free since sept 06 and doing better... i'm noticing changes, still, and i think it's going slow because there's gluten in sooo many things. bmw
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