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  1. So, I have gone three times now. All three times have been consistent (very good). Something to keep in mind though: Pick-up or Dine In may be the best option--when I picked up the pizza's yesterday, the guy running the register (pretty sure he was a manager) noticed that my pizza wasn't gluten free. He said it showed up on the screen, not on the receipt, but reviewed the info with what looked like a new employee. They made me a gluten-free pizza, deducted $5 off the bill (in which I was already using one of their BOGO 50% coupons), and gave me the non-gluten-free pizza which I gave to a friend. It's funny--can anyone else tell a wheat-flour pizza by the smell, because after almost three years now, I sure can... wheat-flour pizza crust smells a bit pungent to me..
  2. Thanks!! Upon further inspection, since Carls Jr owns hardees, they offer the same menu: Carl's Jr. I'll try something tomorrow.
  3. Sorry, I went to the Newark, Ca location. It looks like their gluten-free participation is spreading. If you choose "store locator" and "order online" the gluten free menu will appear if they have it available.
  4. www.extremepizza.com Extreme Pizza now offers a Gluten-Free Menu! The crust is "Still Riding" crust, and is excellent. The typical "gluten-free taste" is not there and the crust NEVER overpowers the sauce or toppings. The toppings are excellent and flavorful. The sauce is very good, with a slight kick. The closest chain I would compare it to is Round Table Pizza, but I like Extreme Pizza even more. The pizzas are available in "Medium" 12" pizzas, which easily lasts two meals even if I'm real hungry. The cost is $16-20 depending on toppings. A BOGO 50% coupon is easy to find (there was one on the to-go menu at the location I was at), so buy a pizza with a friend a keep costs down. They have a brochure that explains their "gluten-free" process. I look forward to trying their gluten-free salads. Apparently, they have gluten-free crutons.
  5. Mission Pizza in Fremont, Ca offers gluten-free pizza now, according to their coupon!!! 1572 Washington Blvd. Fremont, Ca 510-651-6858 I'm going to try it tonight! I liked this place when I used to eat regular pizza. Now we have Z-Pizza and Mission Pizza
  6. Cool, that's great to hear it's chain-wide!! If anyone would do it, it'd be Z-Wave with their "health-concious menu". The pizza is fantastic the second day around (reheated). Better than some pizza joints I visited pre-gluten-free.
  7. Haha actually same shopping center, but it's next to supercuts, where the old C.D. (EDIT: I didnt' realize it would change the abbreviation to CELIAC DISEASE... I was really confused when I re-read my post LOL) store was. Zorbas is still there, and yeah it was good...sigh...
  8. I searched quite a few times and couldn't find anything, so I hope this isn't a repost. It just so happens that my gluten-free wanted pizza tonight. I got a little depressed, but told her I'd pick up pizza for her. Then, I go flipping through the Pennysaver and find a coupon page for ZPizza in Fremont. It say, "Gluten-Free crusts available". CLICK THIS LINK FOR THE PENNYSAVER COUPON, IT SHOWS THE gluten-free OPTION I call ahead, and sure enough they have some! I picked it up tonight, the guy at the restaurant and I spoke for a few minutes and he requested that I let him know what I thought about the crust. Out of all the things we spoke about, the actual KIND of crust used wasn't discussed.. sorry, I'll update this as soon as I find out. He did say I was the first person to order the crust, they recently added it to their menu. But I feel fine The pizza was GREAT. Hands-down the BEST gluten-free crust I've had (even better than corn tortillas lol). It was thin, and didn't break up in my mouth like other crusts do. The toppings and sauce made it a quite tasty feast. I'm definitely returning. One of the best parts: PRICE From receipt: Z10 Create your own Pizza $6.95 Pepperoni $1.25 Salami $1.25 Italian Sausage $1.25 They're extra toppings are a bit pricey, but the base pizza DOESN'T COST ANY MORE THAN REGULAR CRUST!!! I got this 10" 3-topping gluten-free pizza and a 14" Half Cheese Half Pepperoni, used the $5 coupon and paid $21.24 after tax. The gluten-free option does not seem to be on their menu, and I'm not sure if it's chainwide. http://www.zpizzafremont.com/index.html
  9. One important thing I forgot to mention: On the original endoscopy/biopsy, it was determined that I have a hiatus hernia. I experienced a bit of heartburn at the time. I've been taking Prilosec OTC once a day (before dinner) ever since. Is there any link between hiatus hernias and celiac disease?
  10. Yes, definitely makes sense, thanks for the clarification. I will do what Laura suggests (get a hard copy of the results and post) before I try re-testing... my insurance was much better 2 years ago than what I have now, and am a bit worried that they wouldn't cover as much of the cost on a procedure like an endoscopy/biopsy. Thank you everyone! Jon
  11. This makes sense, thank you. Laura, I'm certain I can attain the results. I will call my doctor asap next week. Thanks again! Jon
  12. Carla, thank you for the reinforcement! When someone has celiac, can reaction be hit-or-miss? Example: eat all kinds of food (with gluten) 5 days in a row, feel okay, good bowel movements, but on the 6th day develop symptoms (eg. diarrhea)? I stuck to a light, gluten-free dinner tonight..now I'm resting up in my room because I'd rather feel better tomorrow than stay up late and party...hehe
  13. Retest for Celiac? Okay, I hope I can keep this short. Nearly 2 years ago, I had a blood test done because I was having abdominal pain and have always been skinny and unable to gain weight. The blood test came back from the lab and the doctor wrote: "Blood markers suggest celiac disease." I had to refer to my GI Dr. for an endoscopy. I had an endoscopy done. I got a letter back from the GI. It said that testing for celiac came back negative, but I do, however, have a 'irritation to grains'. I got caught up in life and didn't followup quick enough. Then the GI went on leave due to an illness. He recently returned. Now, I don't know if this is related or not, 1. but during the first week of February, I had what I thought was the stomach flu or food poisoning. It was basically vomiting and diarrhea, but within a 24-hour period. 2. About a week later I had wattery diarrhea for about 5 hours. 3. A week after that, I had a recurrance of what I had two weeks prior: stomach flu/food poisoning. This time it was even shorter.. 4. About a week later, I had wattery diarrhea again, all within one day. 5. On the past Friday, I woke in the morning because I was heading out to Cancun. After eating Cheerios and milk I shortly needed to go. Wattery diarrhea again, but for only 3 hours...perhaps because I took Immodium. Yesterday was okay, a little wattery at first, but alas I had solid stools two times. Today, shortly after eating pizza, tortilla chips and a corona for late breakfast (it is Cancun, remember), I get wattery diarrhea. I still have it at this time (about 6 hours later). Now, I saw my Doctor a week before heading off to Cancun because I was concerned about what had just happened the past month. He tested my for Giardia and H. Pylori (by request) and both came back negative. He did mention, at least twice, how he was surprised that celiac came back negative. He gave me a reference to the GI, which I will visit when I return from Mexico. Could it be that my tolerance is getting worse? Has anyone else experience (I guess this would be) episodic diarrhea when not on a gluten free diet? Now, should I have a blood test (for Celiac) again? Should I go see the GI for another endoscopy? Is it possible that the endoscopy had a false negative or could not find traces of celiac disease? Thanks!
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