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  1. Hi! I've been watching this site & reading the forums ever since I was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago. I've found some great advice & suggestions, & thought I had a pretty good handle on this. I also have a sister & a niece with this disease, so when I started having symptoms, I was diagnosed pretty easily. I've been on the same meds for years, & haven't had any problems, but I recently came back fom a trip & my luggage was lost with my Prevacid in it (capsules).The last time I renewed it (mail-in) I was sent fast melt tablets. I took these until my bag was found, then went back to my capsules. All week I was sick even though I was extremely careful. I realized it could be the meds, & went back to the fast melts. I seem to be feeling a little better. Does any one know if there is gluten in the capsule type meds?
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