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  1. Hi! I'm new here. I've been having lots of problems and suspecting celiac for a while now. When I tell people my symptoms they look at me strangely. I was wondering if any of you could relate? sometimes when i eat certain foods, my stomach will bloat up and ache and it will go through my back and sometimes up my back a little bit. I get really nausiated and sometimes it makes me throw up. The only thing that i have found that will help it is sometimes a heating pad. I've went to the ER once because i was hurting and i wanted to know what was wrong...they didn't do any testing just told me it was a stomach flu. But it happens frequently sometimes happening in "season" so to speak. I'm not sure if this is related but my immune system is awful. I get everything that comes around and have a hard time gaining weight. I'm only 23 and weigh 89 pounds. I eat all the time just can't gain weight. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks for the help!
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