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  1. Hello Everyone, This is my first time posting anything as I just came across this site a couple days ago. I have had too many different medical problems for the past 5 years with many hospital stays, last Jan 2006 was in hospital for entire month in ICU with a migraine, which shut down my system. My family doctor has run several tests over the years and nothing came back. My doctor refers me as a walking medical dictionary as he has not been able to figure out what was wrong with me. He even sent me to a psychitrist (sorry spelling) because he thought I was making it all up. Until recently. I am 30 yrs old with four children. I am 5' 7" and normally weigh about 180 lbs, but I work out everyday so it was a healthy 180. Now less than 1 year later, I weigh 115 lbs. I went from a size 15 jeans to a size 1. That is what prompted my doctor for me to get tested for celiac. That was two weeks ago. The problem that I am having is that I dont know what foods I can or cannot eat. I have tried to do reading but find it difficult and end up just giving up. I love all the foods that I now cant have and I am a VERY picky eater. No veggies no nothing. Everything I ate before is now on the list for me not to eat. It takes me about two hours every night just to try to decide what I am going to eat. I NEED Flavor. Now I am still losing weight even after not eating glueten for 2 weeks. I know its a short time, but now I feel like Im starving because I dont know what to eat and end up eating fruits. No one in my family understands this and does not help because they still offer me foods like I never even had the disease. Its aweful because I LOVE FOOD and its hard for me to still cook meals for my children and not be able to eat them myself. And when I do cook for them, I cook by taste, now I cant taste their food to make sure it taste ok and they are complaining. I cant afford new foods and I dont have enough knowledge to start creating my own foods. I tried to drink ensure and slim fast but threw up on the first drink. Like I said I am very picky eater. But now, Im afraid Im going to die of starvation. I have many people come and ask me if I am using drugs because I lost the weight so quick. I cant sit on butt because my tailbone sticks out. My ribcage is sunken in and Im very very very tired. I tried to start working out to gain muscle because I have nothing to my bones, but it seems to make me even more tired. I am confused, in pain, extreme sensivity to cold and tired all the time. I dont know how I can do this. I have no support. My childs dad left me the same day I found out about this. I give credit to everyone who has gone through this. I feel like I wont be here next year. My doctors tell me I am so underweight that if I dont eat right I will die from malnutrition. My teeth are fallling out, I get thrush every other week, my legs hurt and burn all the time. My fingers and toes goes numb. Its aweful and I hate that I have this. People treat me different when they see me now. I even had one person cry when she seen me. How can I go from being so healthy to so sick? How does everyone with Celiac do this? I have a full time job, exercise 4 times a week and have to raise 4 children on my own plus learn a whole new life. How do I gain my weight back to be healthly again with being an extremely picky eater????
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