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    The Gym!!!! Camping. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is to spend the day in bed watching TV and not just any TV, I'm addicted to home renovation shows and almost every show on TLC and HGTV.... although now that I have been diagnosed and know why I can't get out of bed, I may have more energy to do other things.... hehehe
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    Winnipeg, Manitoba
  1. Here's another potatoe question. My mom told me that if there are black spots on potatoes they are poisonous (dont' mind the spelling )???? Is this true?
  2. I react to touching gluton. I had a hair product that I did not realize contained gluton until two weeks ago. I've used it for years (I"m only two months gluton free) and untl this week I didn't realize how nice it was to have a scalp that does not itch. I also was cleaning out the cubards three weeks ago and moved the four, a bunch fell out on my hand and I had a rash for three days. I'm realizing that I am going to be one of the very sensitive Celiac's.
  3. The Thia Kitchen food is awsome. I discovered it about a month ago and since then it seems like the grocery stores here in Manitoba have slowly started carrying more and more of the line. Every time I go into a grocery store there is more options. I have even seen it at Macs stores.
  4. Is there anything that helps with the itching. I have been Gluton free for almost two months and my body has been incredibly itchy. My legs are actually all sores and scratches right now because I scratch my legs in my sleep. ANd my back is sooooo itchy that it keeps me awake at night. I still have awful joint and nerve pain. Usually by the end of the day, the bottom of my feet hurt so much it hurts to walk.
  5. I still have not returned to the gym, since the first week. I miss it, but I'm still just too tired. Its still hard enough for me doing all my household chores. Those are my exercise for now....
  6. Swedish Fish???????? I'm additicted to Swedish Berries... where do you get Swedish fish?
  7. I preferr the elliptical machines to the treadmills. I find can burn twice as much calories on the ellipitcal compared to the treadmills in the same amount of time. Also the treadmills are sooooo bad for your joints, it may feel like you get a better workout on the treadmill but it is the pressure and strain on your joints that make it feel like you have worked harder. I never ever run on treadmills. When I do use them I will walk.
  8. I agree with Elye. I have had type 1 diabetes for 20 years now and it is not that bad at all. I guess because it is a way of life now. Travelling with it really is no problem. I just recently went away for a weekend and really all you have to do is make sure that you bring some food with you. Most hotels now have fridges and microwaves in the rooms. If they don't then there is almost always a microwave in the lobby and you can keep your food good by just keeping it in the bathroom sink with ice under it. Like Elye I always bring fresh fruit and this last time I brought my rice crispies. There are always local grocery stores to buy snacks and other stuff as well.
  9. Hi MarisaB The exact same thing happened to me. I have been gluton free for almost two months. THe first week I went Gluton free I felt great. I started back at the gym and taking the dog for evening walks. After about six days of that I ended up being bed ridden (again) for almost three whole days. I was told it takes time. The first week was like a tease for me because after almost two months, I still dont' feel as good as I did the first week. It gets frustrating because I want to feel how I did two years ago. Just this weekend I glutoned myself very badly. I spent Saturday and Sunday in bed and crawled through work yesterday then went straight to be when I got home. And the same today, I'm exhausted. So it will take a while. I'm still waiting.
  10. LETS DO IT!!!! hahahahahah I'm the same way. My Mom is always saying "what are those little pink pills all over your purse" lol
  11. Gravol is one of my best friends, but it does make me sleepy. I only take it on weekends and evenings (or when I'm flying).
  12. I definetely will try the yogurt. I"m going to get some for lunch. I will try pepto next time (hopefully there won't be a next time but I doubt that). But the actual pain I fealt I couldn't imagine something like pepto working. My stomach honestly feels damaged right now. I sure learnt my lesson. Thanks for the heads up on the yogurt.
  13. So I glutoned myself badly this weekend. On Friday evening after being out the night before celebrating my boy friend's birthday I was way too lazy to cook. We ended up ordering out. I had friench fries and a salad (which I used my own dressing that I have at home) and he had pizza. I broke down and had the topping of one of the pieces of pizza, thinking (or praying) that the "cross contamination" was not an issue for me. It took until Saturday night for me to get sick, but wow. The pain of a tummy attack (that's my name for the attacks) was horrendous. I was ready to go to the hospital. It was 100 times worse than I ever remember and I have only been gluton free for maybe two months. I was in and out of the bathroom for five hours. On Sunday I had the normal exhaustion but along with that I had and actually continue to have today an awful aching in my gut. It fees like I have an open wound in my stomach. I also (as gross as this is) have been burping this awful tasting gas, like rotten eggs. Is this normal? I'm wondering if I should be concerned and go to the doctor. I'm also still exhausted, it took everything I had today to get out of bed. I'm scared I have done something bad to my stomach, it just feels "damaged". Regardless, I learnt my lesson. I have diabetes too and when I want to cheat with that I just take extra Insuline, but never, never again will cheating on my Celiac diet cross my mind.
  14. Thanks that helps a lot. What does using products with gluton do? I understand that when we eat gluton it is in our bodies and wreaks havoc with our insides , but what happens if we us a hair product that has wheat in it. it is not like we ingested it. i was takinga bath last night and discovered that the product I use to help stimulate healthier hair growthh, has "wheat protein infuses intensive nourshment and reconstruction" Needles to say I rinsed it out immediately. I am wondering if I should be expecting some reprecusions from this.
  15. Is products with Oat Flour safe to eat?
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