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  1. As we come upon the holiday season, I'm finding myself frustrated with my boyfriend and his family....

    We've been together for about two years now and as we come upon Thanksgiving and Christmas, he has plans to go over to his parents for both holidays. He's made it clear to me that I'm NOT invited, but blames it on the fact that his mother is scared of handling my gluten-free situation. I'm 90% sure that is just an excuse to not invite me (He's over at his parents at least 1 day a week and I'm never invited) - but its really frustrating.

    Has anyone else had this issue where Celiac is used as an excuse to not invite you to something?

    It doesn't help that my last boyfriend had a younger sister who also had Celiac, so his parents were super supportive and had me over for dinner all the time.

  2. I was wondering if anyone has tried the Pop Shop in Collingswood NJ.

    They were featured on The Food Network's Bobby Flay cookoff for Grilled Cheese.

    Recently, my friend noticed they now have Gluten Free bread available upon request on their menu! I'm dying to get over there to try it out. I'd love to have them make me a grilled cheese (obviously done in a clean, seperate pan).

    I just wanted to share that this could now be an option and see if anyone had any experience with them yet.



  3. Restaurants in the city I've been to and were awesome:




    (All three of the above are Stephen Starr Restaurants and work well with food allergies. They have gluten free soy sauce at Pod and Buddakon and I was able to get crab/seafood fried rice there - YUM! Tangerine had less gluten-free options than the other two. Buddakon is also in Atlantic City if you go for a trip there.)

    Bliss (I've just tried this one, its on the Avenue of the Arts. They are very gluten free friendly, but need minding after - aka they brought out a piece of regular biscotti on my gluten-free creme brulee)

    There's an Indian food restaurant on South Street near South and 3rd, that I can't remember the name. They've been very helpful and even brought out a lentil bread for me. I had a couple delicious meals there.

    Restaurants I've heard were awesome:

    Fogo de Chao (expensive, but delicious tends to be the general response)


    Those are in the city, which I'm still very much exploring. Out of the city:

    Maggiano's in King of Prussia is excellent. They are very knowledgabe and have gluten-free pasta. I can't speak for Maggiano's in the city, but its worth checking out.

    JB Dawson's is a local chain to the Philly area, that has a very tasty gluten free menu.

    If you can get over to Voorhees, NJ there is a Pasta Pomodoro that has gluten-free pasta, bread, pizza, and desserts (my favorite restaurant ever)

    Jules Thin Crust Pizza in Doylestown (I know other people mentioned it, but its worth mentioning again!)

    Hope these help! I know some of them have been already mentioned.


  4. I know its a little late for the original poster, but hopefully this can help someone else heading out to Las Vegas -

    I just returned from a trip out that and the most accomodating place was actually Margaritaville on the strip. The waitress was very accomodating and checked multiple times with the chef to make sure everything was okay. They had a 'doh' moment when they put bread ontop of my perfectly Gluten Free Jambalaya, but they were happy to get me a new dish. I had absolutely no problems with eating the delicious meal.



    Hey all. This is my first post here. Thought I should probably introduce myself before I jump into anything. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in May '06 after living through the symptoms of it for several months. I am also a type 1 Diabetic, which makes things even more difficult. After dealing with the new Celiac diet for the past 14 months or so, I've felt infinitely better, both physically and mentally. I do miss a lot of the foods that I used to eat, but I've convinced myself that by not eating them I'll be much healthier.

    Anywho, on to the actual topic at hand. I am heading out west to Utah and Las Vegas with my family in a couple of days (leaving the morning of 7/28), and I have done NO planning for finding places to eat due to the fact that I was without Internet access for a couple weeks prior to this message. I was wondering if anyone knew of any restaurants that have a gluten-free menu. While in UT, I'll be in Springdale, Moab, and Torrey (if that helps at all). Although I know my family will do anything that needs to be done to help me eat, I don't want to burden them with only being able to eat of the the cooler (so to speak). If anyone could help out, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


  5. I'm not sure when you went, but when I visited Maggiano's in KoP, I saw it listed on the menu. Granted it is a single line mentioning Gluten Free pasta is available, but its there.

    I actually talked to the sous chef there at the time and he offered to make lasagna for me out of these little spiral corn noodles (depends on how busy they are). I also had a delicious (modified) Chicken Cacchitorie (sp).

    Enquire about dessert as well! My first trip there they actually had Gluten Free cookies available! They were an orange zest chocolate chip, and rather delicious. Sometimes they have it, sometimes they don't. I definitely love going there though!



    I had the best experience at the Maggiano's in King of Prussia, PA. I was ordering the Shrimp Scampi '"without the linguini because I can't eat wheat'' when the waiter said, "We have gluten free pasta if you'd like" I just about fell out of my chair, because there was no mention on the menu of gluten free options. He talked to the chef, who made me a custom creation that was so tasty, and the pasta was terrific. The waiter told me ''we take allergies very seriously here''. I was so impressed by this one restaurant and how they treated me, like someone special and not a freak! Yay Maggiano's! This is the first time I've been to one, don't know if they all have gluten free pasta, but I will be writing headquarters to let them know they have won a loyal customer!


  6. I'm 22, and not recently diagnosed at all! Been diagnosed for about 20 years now.

    I live in Southern Pennsylvania, but find myself often in South Jersey where I grew up (in Washington Township). I'm always looking for new friends, not to mention people to meet and talk to who understand the plight of eating gluten free :)