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  1. Hi there, (A short history) 5 years ago I had plantar fasciitis and searched the Internet for ways to get more calcium into my system. I kept stumbling into Celiac websites regarding malabsorption issues, read the symptoms of Celiac Disease one day and said, "Hey! That's Me!!! I took gluten out of my diet and felt great. When I told my Doctor about it around 6 months later we did blood tests which came back negative...I didn't know they would come back negative because I was off gluten. I stayed on a gluten free diet since then anyways, because of how much my life had improved. A couple months ago I was refered to our local General Surgeon for a colonoscopy (regarding a seperate issue) and I told him about my old symptoms and how they went away when I took gluten out of my diet. Unlike my regular Doctor, he's almost 100% sure I am Celiac but suggests I should consider going on a gluten challenge, then have an endoscopy/biopsy to see "for sure". I don't want to put my body through all that abuse without feeling confident it's the right thing to do. So, what do you think? What did you learn from yours? Was it worth it? What are the pro's and con's? (Part of my considering this is we have a 5 year old daughter and I would do anything for her...especially if I could warn her "for sure" of her susceptibility for Celiac Disease). Murray
  2. Thanks Michelle, you've raised a couple really good points there. I'll have to look into things further and see if the positives of endoscopy outweigh the negatives of a gluten challenge. I want to feel convinced I'm doing the right thing before putting my body through all that grief. I'm a letter carrier, so all those trips to the bathroom while I'm sorting mail in the morning to 'completely drain the system' before walking my route is a royal pain!!! Although...hmmm...pizza and beer for the hockey playoffs? Murray
  3. Hi Michelle, Yes, that's what happened. He's almost 100% sure I'm Celiac based on the description of my symptoms, and how they went away after going gluten free. What I can't figure out is, in this case, having a USD $150.00(ish) genetic test is far cheaper than having me on a gluten challenge, then having me in a hospital day surgery suite, with a surgeon and a nurse, getting an endoscopy done, then having a medical lab process the biopsy. Weird crazyness!!???!! I've been gluten free for several years now so I'm not too crazy about how 'crappy' my life will be back on gluten for over a month. I do want to find out for sure though as it really impacts our lives, and I have a 5 year old daughter who should know to watch out for this in the future. Murray
  4. Hi there, Does anybody know if there's a lab in Canada doing genetic testing to see if a person is vulnerable to develop Celiac Disease? I'm in BC. Thanks, Murray
  5. The answer is... A representative of Save-On-Foods phoned today while I was at work. My wife explained our concern about the ambiguous labeling, and the representative agreed that the label is wrong. It should have said, "May contain wheat", as the processing plant that produced the peanuts also makes products with wheat in them. Pretty good of them to call, and cudo's to them for trying to warn us about the possibility of wheat in a product in the first place. Murray
  6. I'll pass on their answer. It'll probably take about five days or so. Murray
  7. I found this on the label for Western Family 'Roasted Peanuts with Honey'; "INGREDIENTS: peanuts, sugar, canola oil, honey, modified potato starch, salt, xanthum gum. ALLERGENS: contains peanuts, wheat. May contain traces of other nuts/seeds" What the? Where is the wheat product in the ingredients? I'll send them an e-mail and find out if they're giving a warning for possible cross contamination. Kind of makes you wonder how many products actually contain wheat, doesn't it? Murray
  8. Yup, I'm from Kitimat...much like Rupert weather-wise, but less rain and more snow. Murray
  9. Up here on BC's north coast we've had snow on the ground since before Halloween, or put another way, for five months. Good thing I like snow! There's a few flowers poking up on the south side of houses and the odd p%$#@# willow, but that's it so far. Murray
  10. You just have to love the Internet! http://pataks.ca/products/pappadums.html They're unlike anything I can think of to compare them to...sort of a really thin, crispy, dry, 6 inch diameter or so thingy that's great for breaking up and then scooping up saucy foods. Murray
  11. I love Indian food and just found this 'gluten free' page on the Patak's website...very nummy sauces and curry pastes; http://pataks.ca/products/gluten-free.html There's choices from mild to hot, so there's something for everyone. Murray
  12. Canadians?

    Hi all Canucks! I'm from Kitimat on the north coast of BC. There's quite a few Celiac's kicking around this neck of the woods, but I don't know if any are on this site..? I'm glad I found celiac.com as there's strength in numbers, and it makes for a potent knowledge base. Murray
  13. I got this answer when I inquired if a product was gluten free; "xxx products are classified as "gluten-free" and this statement is based on the international guidance Codex Alimentarius we name products with a gluten content less 200ppm (20mg/100g) as "Gluten Free". "xxx xxx and xxx are all classified as "Gluten Free". The origin of the gluten are ingredients like glucose syrup, glucose-fructose-syrup, sorbitol or dextrose which are made from wheat". Sounds like it contains gluten, doesn't it????? Murray P.S. They added a blurb to the bottom of their e-mail to me stating it was private, no re-publishing allowed, yadda, yadda, yadda.....
  14. This is me giving you a great big pat on the back!!! When your letter gets put on the papers website, could you post a link to it on this thread? I'd love to read it. Murray
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