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  1. Thanks for the responses. I was wrong to say miligrams, the prescription bottle actually says "units" so I am unsure what I take. And they are not injections, just pills. My levels are actually now normal, but because I take prescription d. If I go off the prescription or take less, my levels shoot down and I have muscle pain. I was tested for calcium at one point and that was normal, but I take a calcium supplement too. My stomach feels much much better a week on the diet. Maybe the initial pain at the start was stomach damage that needed to heal a bit. I still am ravonously hungry though.
  2. First a little history, I had the blood test and it came back negative for Celiac My doctor thinks I still have Celiac and wants me to go gluten free. I see this doctor for a vitamin d deficiency. I currently take very high doses (100,000 miligrams a week) to keep my d levels at normal. That is really my only symptom except I have a long history of stomach problems and nausua. I was treated for H. Pylori and gastritis in 2000 and had a long recovery from that for my gut to heal. I find that whole grains do not agree with my stomach, but it includes brown rice as well as gluten products. I also have problems with egg and dairy. BMs are never a problem. Well, I started the gluten free diet on Friday and my stomach is killing me worse than before! It is a clenching feeling. Normally I feel a little irritation in my stomach, this feeling is more intense like gastritis. I am eating a lot trying to sooth my stomach. Was the gluten actually soothing my upset stomach? Is my problem really Celiac? BTW: the doctor recommending the gluten free diet and that has me on the vitamin d is my gynocologist. My primary physician has done nothing for me despite my complaint of chronic digestive problems. Thanks for the help. -M
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