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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi - I see that this is an old thread, but thought I'd add my 2 cents worth in case any late comers read this. One really GREAT place to eat in Lahaina is Penne Pasta. This is an inexpensive little bistro, located on a quiet little street just off the main drag. The address is 180 Dickenson Street. Lahaina, HI. The chef/owner is a fine cook with a lot of knowledge about gluten free cooking. You can order rice pasta with your meals, but he has not found a source for gluten free bread. If anyone knows where he can get it on the island, he is willing to carry it, provided it is good tasting. However, he isn't interested in the heavy rice loaves usually associated with gluten free. He would rather carry something like the breads offered by the Whole Foods Gluten Free Bakery. Since there is no Whole Foods on the island, he has not found a source, yet. We ate there twice and loved it both times! The prices were extremely reasonable, and the portions were generous. And so YUMMY! It is so rare to find Italian restaurants that will serve rice pasta with meals. Friendly people and quiet atmosphere - very nice! Here is their website: Penne Pasta Website And here is another site with great information: The Celiac Handbook - Hawaii
  3. Hey! We just ate at Penne Pasta in Lahaina, and it was GREAT!!! The prices were very reasonable, the food was delicious, the portions were generous, and the chef was friendly and well informed. It has quickly become a family favorite. When in Maui, be sure to try them out!
  4. Oh! I just remembered - Maui Tacos! Let them know your gluten issues and they will make sure that yours is made with a corn tortilla. Not much help if you also have corn issues, but I enjoyed a great and inexpensive meal there since I am not sensitive to corn. I saw two locations - One was in the Piilani Shopping Center (the same one that has the Safeway and the Outback), and the other one was on South Kihei Road in the same shopping center as the Hawaiian Moons Health Food Store.
  5. I am a regular visitor to Maui and have not had much luck finding gluten-free friendly restaurants there. I just returned from there last week and had a reasonably good trip because I rented a condo with a full equipped kitchen. I find that being able to prepare my own meals is essential to keeping me sane and healthy. I also haunt the farmer's markets, and health food stores - the fresh fruit is a highlight on Maui, and we bought tons of it. There is also a great health food store on South Kihei - Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods. They have a great salad bar, and all the basic gluten-free foods in stock. The people there are real friendly. There is an Outback Steakhouse in Kihei that doesn't make me sick, but otherwise, I ended up walking out of several restaurants when I found nothing but roadblocks on the menu. I tried Greek Bistro, and even though I made every attempt to order carefully, I ended up sick. Laurie, I will also be watching for your notes when you return, as I am planning another trip there with my family next year. I am hoping to find some safe places to eat while on vacation. Linda
  6. Macaroni Grill is one of the WORST restaurant dining experiences I have ever had. Last Sunday, my family went there and I left hungry, even though my meal was as expensive as every one else's. The only thing on the menu I could order was the "Skinny Chicken" - a dry, tastless option they throw to people with dietary issues. There was not option for dessert, no fresh fruit, no gluten free pasta, and no options for a carbohydrate at all! When I asked for a potato, I was told that there were no baked potatoes, and that the mashed potatoes had added WHEAT! When I asked for rice, I was told that the only rice option was rissotto which had added WHEAT! I couldn't believe my ears! THEY ADDED WHEAT TO THEIR RICE????? Can someone explain the sense in that? YIKES! I ended up choking down a piece of dry chicken on a bed of unseasoned spinach, while watching my companions savor delicious meals. Very dissappointing. I am usually pretty laid back about accepting the limitations I have to abide by, but I have a hard time understanding why a restaurant goes out of their way to add wheat to foods that in their natural state are gluten free. Last Sunday was one of the rare occasoins that I left an eating establishment hungry and angry. I won't be going to Macaroni Grill again, which means that when we dine out as a family, the whole group will take our $100.00 dinner tab to another restaurant.
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