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  1. My 2-year-old daughter had IGG ELISA testing which showed moderate-to-high Gliadin reaction and then her pediatrician ordered different blood tests - IgA was Low (25), which the doctor said suggested she has an autoimmune disorder but her Tissue tran IGA & IGG and gliadin antibody IGG and IGA were negative. These tests were done after her being on a gluten-free diet for 3 weeks though, which the doctor said didn't matter. I'm confused! The doctor said she doesn't have Celiac according to the tests but we may want to biopsy but by the time they can biopsy she will have been gluten-free for 8 weeks. She has had horrible reflux since birth and couldn't even tolerate hypoallergenic baby formula. They did a scope at 5 months old and she already had colon polyps which they dismissed as her being allergic to her baby formula. She is now 2 and she constantly breaks out in rashes on her face, has had diarrhea since birth, is always bloated, and has horrible smelling bowels and gas. Her bad smelling stools are much better on the gluten-free diet and her diarrhea is much better but she still has red rashes on her face (cheeks). Should I put her through the biopsy? I'm so conflicted. Protein has been hard because she can't tolerate any meats but she is just starting to tolerate peanut butter on rice cakes. I do give her lots of supplements. She's in the 18% for weight and height. Any advice is greatly appreciated. This is all new and frustrating to me. Thanks for listening!
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