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  1. Hi Emily, Glad you are feeling better! I just wanted to let you know that I tried your recipe and it's fabulous! I followed your recipe, but with a few tweaks. I used puffed brown rice cereal, almond meal, flax meal for my 1 cup mixture, then followed the rest of the recipe, but added a bunch of raisins. oh, and i used chopped walnuts for my nuts. oh yeah, and i threw in some hemp and sesame seeds too. yummy, thank you so much!! I had no idea that you could use raw quinoa in such a way!
  2. On a whim I baked up this recipe yesterday. I found it on recipezaar: http://www.recipezaar.com/217977 I baked it up focaccia-style, and it is by FAR the best gluten free bread I've ever eaten (and I've tried a lot of them!) It is not just tolerable, it is GOOD. I ate half the loaf last night, and just had a couple of slices for lunch. so tasty! The recipe has a lot of different flours, but I think it's worth it! I plan to make this one often I hope this brings someone else as much joy as it brought me!
  3. TEFF!! Teff flour makes THE best pancakes. And it's such a healthy flour too Use mostly teff flour, and a a bit of arrowroot or tapicoa starch, then add in the other usual suspects (salt, baking powder, eggs, milk, cinnamon, etc). I like to add a scoop of pumpkin myself! I've never gone wrong with this - and I just sort of throw them together, no recipe required. oh, and the best one's I've made? I added the pumpkin and some chocolate chips....HEAVEN!
  4. Hello, I'm new to the boards but your topic caught my eye. I've been to maui a few times, and in fact last time I stayed in Pa'ia. You may luck out in Pa'ia because there are a couple of healthy/vegetarian/hippyish sort of places, as well as a really nice market to shop for groceries right in town, and it has a great selection of ready to eat foods as well. People are really friendly in Pa'ia, and I'm sure will be very understanding of your needs. I suggest trying out Cafe Mambo, an ecclectic cafe, or perhaps Fresh Mint, a vietnamese place - both are in town on the main street. Additionally, I recommend you drive over to Makawao to do some shopping at Down to Earth. Makawao is just about a 10 or so minute drive from Pa'ia, and there are signs in Pa'ia town directing you to Makawao. (there is a down to earth down near the airport in kahului as well). Down to Earth is a great little health food store to stock up on a few items. I am vegetarian as well as gluten intolerant, and restaurants on Maui are very touch and go. Finding vegetarian options was difficult and finding gluten free was much much harder. The good news is, in such warm weather, you may find that your daughter may gravitate toward things like like bananas, mango, pineapple, coconut, and other yummy raw fruits and veggies - which are NOT hard to come by on maui (and are delicious!) Oh, and as far as south shore...well, I had even more trouble finding good things to eat down there compared to north shore and upcountry. My best advice is to get a little cooler and keep it in the car stocked with things your daughter can eat. I did this for both me and my partner (who is vegetarian but not gluten free). I stocked mine with yummy treats, some vietnamese style fresh rolls from Down to Earth, cold drinks, nuts, fruit, chocolate, rice crackers, nori sushi rolls (lots of japanese food on maui - most sushi rolls are ok as long as they dont have soy sauce), tamari rice crackers, dried tropical fruits - dried mango is like candy, etc. It's hard to find good food on the go in maui, especially if you do some of the glorious drives (up the mountain, to Hana, etc). Definitely keep lots of food on hand! Have fun in maui!!
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