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  1. Hi Everyone! Does anyone know of a Dr. in the Antioch/Concord, Ca. area? Thanks!
  2. great! Thank you so much for the information and the link!
  3. Hi everyone! I got prescribed Aciphex today, does anyone know the gluten free status? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi everyone! I am looking to take a gluten free cooking class in the CA bayarea, does anyone know of anything? I am a 21 year old and a fairly new celiac and I need to learn how to cook! My family isn't very accomidating to gluten-free, and I am living at home for the summer so I would love to be able to cook some good gluten-free meals so they realize gluten-free isn't so bad! Thank you for your time!
  5. Hi everyone! Does anyone know when the Stanford Celiac Conference 2007 is going to be? Thank you! dana
  6. sorry i also wanted to ask, which drinks are never made with mixers? (so I don't have to worry about asking the bartender)
  7. thanks! So can I always depend on cosmos and mojitos being gluten-free? I'm still a little uneasy about the whole vodka from wheat business.....is it always gluten-free in bars? thanks! (getting glutened at a club from my drink is one of my biggest fears! The 8 month pregnant look that gluten gives me isnt so cute! lol )
  8. Hey guys! I'm not technically a "teen" anymore, I'm almost 21, but I wanted to share really quick.. Dating really is not as scary as it seems. I have had two wonderful boyfriends since getting diagnosed and they were both so wonderful and so sweet about it. We hung out a few times w/o eating (going to the movies etc) and I explained celiac. Both of them were so understanding and willing to help. One of them even went to the health food store to find gluten-free cookies when i was sick! We sat and watched a movie eating them and Rice Dream ice cream. Here is my point, if the guy or girl is worth your time, they will be sweet about it. Pardon my French, but there is no way that any of us will date a**holes because they won't deal with us. We all know that we will all end up with great guys or girls because they will be so sweet and understanding about our celiac. Look at celiac as a personal "screening system" only the good guys/girls will get through!!! It really isn't too hard. It would be convenient to have a celiac boyfriend or girlfriend but not necessary. I totally understand wanting to meet fellow celiacs, I want to do that too! Anyway, just wanted to share my two cents! Have a great day!
  9. hey everyone! I'm finally old enough to go out for drinks! Can anyone help me out with what drinks are usually safe so I don't have to ask the bartender every time? I go to some loud bars and clubs with my friends and its hard to communicate my needs. I usually stick to wine and tequila but I'm getting sick of them (for obvious reasons with the tequila!) Thanks for the help!
  10. Hi! Lucky you I live off highway one in San Luis Obispo, I go to Cal Poly. It is absolutely a gorgeous area, I will be sad when I graduate! I'm studying abroad in London right now and I was only diagnosed in June so I was really only in SLO for a few months with celiac but I still have a few suggestions.... I belong to a group called Central Coast Celiacs here is the website: http://www.centralcoastceliacs.com It is a new website so it isn't very detailed but it does list a few restaurants. The best place I can recommend for you to reload on snacks (perfect because its 1/2 way up the coast) is a great healthy/gourmet grocery store called New Frontiers. They have everything you could imagine gluten-free and a gluten-free section! They are located in a shopping center literally on highway one so it is very accessible. I don't believe they have a website but here is their information: Phone (805) 785-0194 Fax (805) 785-0837 Address 896 E Foothill Blvd # 896c San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 If you are looking for a casual lunch place in SLO try "The Natural Cafe," it is a cute organic/healthy cafe that has items that are gluten free- just explain to them, they are very sweet. Last time i was there I got vegetable and bean soft tacos with corn tortillas, chips and salsa. Also I have had an Omelet without getting sick at The Apple Farm restaurant. They are known for their breakfasts (muffins and baked goods) - not that you can eat them but it might be a good way to bribe your husband into taking you Like I said I didn't live in SLO very long with celiac so that
  11. Hi! I do not live in Zurich but I was hoping to get a little advice! I will be going to Zurich next weekend for a few nights and was wondering if you have any suggestions of places to eat or buy food. Thank you! Any advice will help! Enjoy your day.
  12. Hey Everyone! I am just posting to encourage people to travel and to not let celiac get in the way. I am 20 years old and was diagnosed with celiac in June of 2006, so about 7 months ago. I am currently studying abroad in London and have traveled in Europe. It is very very possible!!! So far I have been to England, Scotland, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. I have successfully eaten gluten free in all of these places and haven
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