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  1. :rolleyes: Has anyone ever eaten at Cafe Martorano in Fort Lauderdale? I heard they might have a gluten free menu but hard to get in contact with them. I emailed them with no reply and tried calling but only machine pick up. I have my mother in law's 65th bday there soon and Im worried about eating. I've only been gluten free 3 months so still nervous and scared about eating out specially at italian restaurant. :( If anyone can offer info on the restaurant...I would really appreciate it. :D

    Pistache in west palm beach is amazing!!! Ate there several times.

  2. Just wanted to share that a year ago i travelled to west palm beach and ate at a lovely french bistro called Pistache in the Clematis area. First of all it is reasonably priced considering it is fine dining and the very expensive area. Secondly, i ate there several times and did not get sick. Even though they were super busy as this place gets full quickly they were able to accommodate my gluten allergy without a problem. I even got to enjoy the creme brulee. I suggest going to dinner earlier so that u can sort it out with the waiters before they get too busy. They are all very knowledgeable and i had many wonderful experiences there. There is another little italian restaurant just a few stores down, they were good too. I do'nt remember the name :(

  3. The chicks at celiacchicks.com made a post today about voting for gluten-free pastry options at Starbucks.

    I think it would be amazing to get to eat pastries there again...

    Here's the link to the Starbucks website where you can vote:


    You have to sign up for a starbucks.com account, but it only takes a couple seconds and it's free.

    I hope it works!

    great idea. im cdn. but what happens over in the usa usually spreads to canada. so i will vote.

  4. Γειά σου annaem....

    απλά δεν έχω καταλάβει αν είσαι ελληνίδα ή αμερικανή....μάλλον έχεις καταγωγή ελληνική...... :)

    My parents were both born in Greece and came here in their 20's. I was born here. I went to greek school until i was 13 so i know a little and my husband is greek. He was also born here but his greek is really good because they use to travel every summer. I can understand greek very well but speaking it is difficult because of my grammer. I would write back to you in greek but i don't have a greek keyboard and my spelling would be horrible. ha ha.

  5. I get a reaction several days after. Your symptoms don't have to be stomach related it may manifest in another way. My mom gets joint problems and heat to her feet. Also i dont know if 7 1/2 months is enough time to completely heal. Some people take longer than that, depending on age and how long youve had it. I wouldn't judge my body's response based on 7 1/2 months. I'd say give it another 4 months.

  6. I would ask your dentist what brand he/she uses and call the company yourself. Then you can make the call on the safety. I've always asked my dentist for the plain pumice with no flavour, but I don't know the brand.

    yes i did this too. called myself. now they keep it in their file. and i continue to ask them if they use the same brand every time i visit. Should be fine is not ok...

  7. As a kindergarten teacher i had to handle noodles and play dough and children's snacks. I had to wash my hands all the time. Buying gluten-free noodles for the whole class is very expensive. For myself, i would wear gloves when doing these crafts. And sometimes an apron so it wouldn't get on my clothes. I had lots of wipes donated by parents that i would use to clean all surfaces afterwards as well. Can you perhaps buy a box of gloves for her to wear during craft time. So when they do playdough, noodle art, finger painting etc... she is always wearing gloves (gluten or no gluten). Granted the gloves are not powdered with gluten. Sometimes a supply teacher will do the craft or another teacher that does not know her history. There are also lots of parent volunteers that get involved. I think its very difficult to prevent. Perhaps if you train your child to always wear gloves and wash their hands during craft time this may help. Also provide a smock (old dress shirt) to prevent it from getting on her clothes. And of course talk to the preschool and provide information. But this problem will be an ongoing problem in elementary school so i think it may be best to teach your child how to protect themselves. Perhaps, smocks, gloves and some wipes will help....

  8. My packed lunches include

    sandwiches ( find deli meat that is gluten-free and bread)






    hot dogs ( idon't mind them cold or in a thermo)

    chicken wings ( i don't mind them cold)

    meat balls ( taste good cold or thermo)

    tuna ( buy the individual cans that you can peel the top off)

    chips (gluten-free)

    plain popped popcorn

    cereal (gluten-free)- i just eat it dry. But there's no reason why you can't make yourself a bowl of milk and cereal if you bring some milk with you.

    dry toasts that are similar to melba with jam

    cosco sells individual jam, peanut butter, salad dressing packets from kraft and smuckers. You need to confirm which ones are ok. These are great for packing a lunch.

    Boiled eggs. Also yummy cold.


  9. [i had emailed them about their fried french fries because not all locations use dedicated fryers and something about the coating i can't remember. It was a long time ago. So she told me she would ammend the menu after our talk about consistency and misleading menus. She was very understanding. I don't know if anything was actually done about it. But the more we bring awareness to it the more they will become better at it.