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  1. Hi, I have had good luck with Pioneer Vitamins, which are gluten-free. Probiotics and zinc will also help with gut repair and as someone said earlier Glutamine is good for soft tissue repair. Enzymedica enzymes are all gluten-free. The combo of probioitcs, enzymes, a good multi and really paying attention to eating good quality food made a big difference. When I first went gluten-free I didn't realize it, but I stopped eating enough carbs. since I'm pretty active, this left me feeling sort of weak and spacey all the time. I get more rice and fruit in and I can keep up with the excercise. Good luck!
  2. Natural Factors is a popular brand in Canada and they are very clean. I looked at the label and it does not say Gluten Free so you might have to call them. All Pioneer vitamins are Gluten Free. Enzymedica makes a probiotic call ProBio that is Gluten free and shelf stable. I buy it online. Hope that helps, Hoolie
  3. Hi Nancy, When I use this product I often find that I have to take more than two. Since the way you got the gluten was transdermal and thus going right into your bloodstream it would make some amount of sense that you may need more. When I travel and there is NOTHING for me to eat and I have to have some gluten I take 4. Of course this is the exception and only when I can't avoid it. I also noticed it has worked better over time- this could be the gut healing work I've been doing. Many parents with Autistic kids use Glutenease and there are not side effects reported. It usually helps to heal the villi along with other gut healing enzymes and nutrients. Karen Defelice has done lots of work with this. Here is a published article on DPP-IV: http://ajpgi.physiology.org/cgi/content/abstract/283/4/G996 There is another article in JAMA as well. Be Well Hoolie
  4. I have had exceptionally good experience with this product BUT I am just gluten intolerant, not celiac. I noticed a difference right away, but I had to take it any time I had gluten and often had to take more than two. The company says it is only to be used a "safety net" for celiac. Like going out to dinner and not having total control. Hoolie
  5. hi Flowergirl, I have also struggled with anemia. The Iron tablets are hard for me to digest so I found some hebal iron tonics is tea form. I use Nettles, Yellow Dock Root, Dandelion Leaf, as well as chlorophyll. There is also a premade one called Floradix Iron+ Herbs- Made by Flora. (not sure if it's gluten-free as I've never used it). In combination with a lose dose Iron, Vit C and B and lots of leafy green veggies these worked for me and I felt stronger. Hope you get some releif soon. Hoolie
  6. Hi NoGluGirl! The name of the ones I like best are Candidase by Enzymedica. There are a couple other comapanies out there but these are the ones that worked for me. I'll give you a lowdown on the basic protocol- 3- Candidase between meals 3x a day. The only die off I had was a little bloating and a little headache 2- Digest Gold with every meal- unless the meal was mostly raw, then none. The reason for the digestive enzymes at the meal is so that you can further break down the food and not feed the candida more than you have to. Add in Olive leaf extract 2-3/day between meals. This is an extra agent for killing Candida. Replenish intestinal flora with Probiotics. Jarrow makes a good enteric coated shelf stable one thats not too expensive. I've read you can add in zinc afterwords to help repair the lining of the gut. I avoided sugar and juices, alchohol, anything to processed. But I did not do the total hardcore awful candida diet that I've done in the past. All this took about a month. Like I said I still take a couple Candidase a couple time a week just to keep things clean. I still do Digest Gold all the time, as I feel like it really keeps my digestion on track. I travel a lot so my diet is not perfect when I'm on the road. The enzymedica enzymes are more expensive than some other brands, but they WORK! Cheaper online. When Candida overpopulates it literally drills holes in your intestines and takes root. This makes the gut more permeable and eventually can turn to leaky gut. For me, the leaky gut showed up as food sensitivities- gluten intolerance (not celiac)as well as lots of chemical sensitivities. It took about six months of taking enzymes and probiotics, but now I can eat virtually anything as long as I keep it healthy. A good website is enzymestuff.com. for information. I called the Enzymedica help line a few times and they were very helpful- enzymedica.com. You can buy the stuff at a good HFS or online. That was totally long winded, but I have been "managing" my health for my whole life- I found a protocol that worked and has really changed things for the better. I wish you well. Hoolie
  7. After years of getting progressively more gluten intolerant I finally admitted to myself that I just couldn't eat gluten containing foods anymore. It's challenging but I feel so much better. I have also had Candida for years- in varying degrees. I did all the diets and all the herbs, I finally found that enzymes for Candida control worked best for me. I started looking into other enzymes and found one called DPP-IV for Gluten intolerance. I found one by a company called Enzymedica and got it from Whole Foods. It is really seeming to help- I can sneak a little gluten here and there and be fine. Does anyone know about this? The company says it is NOT for celiac, only for food sensitivities. Evidently leaky gut causes a lot of problems and candida can be a big culprit in leaky gut. Your insights would be appreciated. My Dr. knows nothing about this and I'm just wanting more info. Thanks!
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