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  1. Hi,my name is Anneliz and have been diagnosed with celiac in 2006,and i have been on the diet since nov 2006.I started loosing weight while on the diet(i'm 28,5.6" ,117 lb and size 0)thanks goodness(use to be 120 when i start having the celiac and hypothyroidism symptoms and 105 before that).I'm still trying to go back at 105 which was my real weight .I work out 4-5 days a week,cardio plus weights.Lately i see that even wine botheres my stomac(wine is only alchool i drink),for example last night we went to a french restaurant and had 2 glasses of wine(american) and today i couldn't go to work because of the diarrhea,(really bad,every 2 min to the bathroom),abdominal pain(i cried),my body is in pain(i feel my body very hot),vomiting,headaches,dizziness.I tried all the wines and i see that they all give me stomac pain,bloating,etc.Does anyone had similar symptoms from the wine?And one more question:why do we have to throw all the cosmetics and personal care that contain weat germ?everything that i have has weat germ including my cleasing lotion and my moisturizer(i have allergies and this brand which is 100% natural is the only one i can use and i have been using it for almost 2 years) Thank you!!!!!!!!
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