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  1. I have a 3 1/2 year old and 8 weeks ago she started with enormous gas, minor belly pain and a little indigestion. We have now escalated into periodic vomiting and diarrhea and still enormous gas and 2-3 bouts of doubled over belly pain that last an hour or so every day. We have ruled out c diff, diabetes, ova and parasites. I took her off all gluten and put her on culturelle 5 days ago, which has stopped the diarrhea and now we only have 5 min. belly pain spells here and there but they are every day. We are waiting for the test for celiac to come back but I am going crazy. Does this sound like it. She tested negative for anemia. She has always been tall and healthy. She has had two rounds of antibiotics this year. I also had to take her off of straight milk to eliminate all the diarrhea. The other problem is I took her off of gluten monday and she was tested for celiac thurs. and doc said that shouldnt interfere with the test since it had only been three days. I dont want a false read. I even tried one diflucan prescribed by her doc thinking she had yeast issues. Trust me, any info would be greatly appreciated. Maddie
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