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  1. Hi to all

    I just joined your site oh about 5 min ago. :D Yes i am from Ontario Canada (Guelph) I was told i was celiac when i was seventeen. i took me a while to be willing to go without gluten ( it helped that i found out you can claim your food on incom tax). i have 3 children (14, 10 and 10 yes twins) part of the reason i kinda began eating gluten again. i'm not sure if any of them have this disease or not. I'm curently dating a vegan so if anyone out there has any suggestions please feel free to let me know good dinners for the vegan/celiac ( this food must not caontain anything that has a head)

    Thanks for your help

    Kareen :)

    Hello there, You mentioned something that jumped out at me. You can claim your food on income tax? do you have any info about goin about this?