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  1. Hi all! I've spent this evening googling different symtoms my 4 year old son has, and came across this message board after wondering if we could be dealing with Celiac Disease. He is very small for his age (5%), but the dr has always discarded this because I am small as well (I'm not even 5' tall; by far the smallest in my family). His weight is very low as well - the same as his 2 year old sister. He has night terrors almost every night, diarrhea every day... His dr wanted me to get him tested for "sensory integration disorder" because he is a very sensitive child in the tactile sense. I have no idea if that is relevant or could be related to C.D. or not... the poor child is just a very anxious kiddo overall. Anyway, I've already learned so much from just reading on this board, and hope that some of you may have some insight for me. On another note, could anybody tell me how involved the testing is, how long results take, and how much they generally cost? I'm ready for a diagnosis and treatment...yesterday! Thank you!
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