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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I, too, am stuck in the mourning part but maybe not anger at the Celiac part but my families response to having Celiac. I was never prepared to handle giving up bread (which I adore) for the rest of my life and not talk about it. I do talk about it all the time, how unfair it is, how it took forever to be diagnosed, how I had to fight to get the diagnosis, how I miss gluten (does it miss me - just kidding) how I had never heard of this disease, etc. I think the hardest thing besides giving up gluten is realizing not everyone wants to hear how it makes you feel. But, I feel the only what I will get through this period of not eating gluten (and for the rest of my life) is to talk about it! By the way, I am 50 this year and just found out but I have been sick since a teenager. That is a long time to have given up things because a bathroom needed to be nearby. I think it is great that we have this site but wish there were chat rooms to talk immediatley to others about how you are feeling in real time. If you have a problem with alcohol you can go to a meeting any night of the week. If you are celiac, there is not meeting to go to if you want to eat gluten and have someone stop you. There is only you!
  3. Yes, that is exactly what I have decided to do, go off nexium and see if the pain in my leg muscles gets better. The doctor I was seeing (who is an internal medicine doctor) decided to give my 40 mg a day, up from 20 but for no good reason that I could see. I tried to tell her that I have problems with all medications and always have and that is when she said that I am a hypochondriac. Nice, huh? Oh well, I believe that I will have to move on to another doctor! I actually have a GI appointment this month with a doctor who is supposed to specalize in celiac but given my past record with other doctors, I do not hold out much hope for better answers to my questions - especially about the muscle pain!
  4. Hi Everyone, Thank you for all your replies and making me realize I am definitely not alone with this muscle pain! I have been on a gluten free diet since May and the pain is getting worse the longer I am OFF gluten but I am not sure why. I have an appointment with rhematologist on Tuesday but I really don't think she will find anything else - or maybe I hope not! I have appointment Friday with shrink but still feel I need to talk to someone about how I feel, not that I am hypocondriac so I hope he doesn't start saying that or I will be out the door - fast!
  5. Hello, I am a newly diagnosed celiac. I have just come from yet another doctor who is now saying that I am a hypochondriac. I have pain in the muscles of my legs in two places. I can feel that the muscles are tight and there is heat in the places where it hurts. This is something that came on right about the same time I finally got diagnosed with celiac and ulcers. I am taking nexium for the ulcers. Does anyone else have this problem with the sore and tight muscles. It is keeping me up at night but it hurts all day, too. I can see why the doctor might think it is in my head since I have been to so many doctors. Most doctors do not know celiac so I keep going to new ones in an attempt to find one who can tell me what this is. But, seeing all these doctors is something new, only this year after I got diagnosed with celiac disease. I have agreed to see a therapist but only because I am beginning to wonder why one would want to live like this, not because I think it is in my head. Thanks for listening!
  6. Hi, I think it it great, too that the word is getting out. I am newly diagnosed and also live in the OC. Just in case you are looking for a good restaurant, The Rib Company in Ladera Ranch has a gluten free menu - really good bbq! A friend found it for me! I feel we all need to get the word out everyday telling anyone who will listen about this disease to spread the word!
  7. I had gone to UCI but saw a different doctor but heard from the nurse practiioner there that Dr. Albers is the best but he is hard to get in to see. I have since gone on to a GI doctor at Mission Hospital for celiac but have not found a good doctor for celiac. I, too, just turned 50 in May after getting diagnosed for celiac in same month. I hope this helps, Sandy
  8. I need help with finding a doctor in Southern CA area for celiac, I am recently diagnosed for Celiac. I just saw a new GI doctor today but he is no help. He said he would see me in a year. My last one said that I could eat spelt which I can't. She admitted that she did not see many patients with celiac. The first GI doctor that I originally saw before I was diagnosed said I had IBS and that I would not die for it. Obviously, he was wrong because I was celiac and I could die from it. I am trying to not eat gluten but I still feel very bad. I ache all over, espcially my neck. I hope someone can help me!
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