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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Me again, We went back to the doctor this morning & even he noticed a big difference in Frankie..he reiterated the fact that the bloods & biopsy were unreliable at his age & gave a pre-diagnosis of a severe gluten intolerence very likely to be coeliac disease. He's given us prescriptions for the staples & referred Franks to a paediatrician... I'm sat here in tears thinking about birthday parties & the like..bless him. Thanks to both of you for your advice x
  3. Wow, thanks for your quick reply! Gawd, I really don't want to make him ill again, but on the other hand if we get him 'officially diagnosed' we will get his staples on prescription which would help a great deal..we're not poor but we're hardly comfortable either! Mmmm, have to think on that one.. We're lucky really..he's taken to the diet really well..he already loved fruit,vegetables,meat & fish.. Thanks again for taking time to reply..some of my family think I'm over-reacting.. I forgot to mention that I have Ichthyosis & he's showing signs of that on his legs too, & my mum ( who's 73 ) has decided to cut gluten from her diet for a couple of weeks as she's had problems with her stomach for years & also has osteoporosis, joint pain & thyroid something or other which I believe can be symptoms..?
  4. Hi, Newbie here... My son, who'll be 2 at the end of March, has been ill with sickness & nasty nappies since the beginning of December last year, some days worse than others...our doctors & health visitor put it down to bugs going around again & again, but last week enough was enough & I insisted they investigate... This is what I see as his symptoms... Firstly..he's nearly 2 & doesn't walk..he's a bum shuffler..HV & Physio put it down to lazyness, even though I explained that he cried a lot when you stood him & when he was placed on his tummy. He rocks his head & body furiously from side to side to go to sleep. For the last 3+ months he has vomited (mostly at night in his cot) 2 or 3 times a week & his nappies have been either full of stodgy pale poo or tiny wet bits that he cries when he squeezes them out. He went from being a happy, chilled little chappy to a whingebag. ..from a brilliant appetite to struggling to get him to eat anything. Vomited on a couple of occasions when he's been given Barley water to drink at friends houses. Vomited as a baby after weetabix. He's small & skinny & sometimes his belly bloats in a 6 months pregnant type way. Last Tuesday my doctor took a stool sample to eliminate various bugs & stuff but not to look for gluten intolerance. It came back clear this morning so I'm taking him back in the morning. Since last Tuesday, we have removed Gluten from his diet completely & now (apart from considering a 2nd mortgage to pay for it! lol) :- He's happy He's hungry He's doing normal poos & no vomiting He's active again He's hardly rocking ( except during tantrums) & he's interested in standing up & walking with us holding his hands... Surely this isn't coincidence? & what happens now..will they give him a blood test? then a biopsy? I'm in the UK if that makes any difference.. Thanks for reading x
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