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  1. The early gluten free days are the hardest, however in the beginning i tried juicing and eating as less cooked foods as possible and it really worked. The immune system of persons with celiac disease is very low so consuming raw vegetables is a plus. Avoid grease please you will see a big difference in the way you feel.
  2. As far as tortillas go I have had very good relief, however nuts seems to cause pain some time. Continue to shop carefully for the sake the of quality of life dealing with the diet that makes a huge difference.
  3. I'm celiac and was having bad days for the last 10 months. However I started to take glutenease by enzymedica with my meals at home as well as eating out. The enyzme works really great for me, I have n't been brave enough to delibrately try wheat bread instead of gluten-free bread. I took a trip to New Orleans during the mardi-gra and I ate fried shrimp with no problems at all.
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