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  1. Intro To Forum

    Hi guys, Just joined the forum 2day and thought id make my presence felt. Just a lil info on me - im a 23 year old guy from england, been diagnosed with coeliac desease since i was about 13, so pretty used to it by now. But hey just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and hopefully wil make some contributions soon. Thanks Pav Dheansa
  2. Hi Mate, My names Pav and im a 23 year old coeliac from London, so not too far from you, iv been a coeliac for about 10 years so have a fair amount of experience if you want some help or advice. Nice one.
  3. English People

    Hi Kate, Im 23 and from essex, just joined the forum - so pretty new to this, but have been a coeliac since i was about 13 so if u want any help or advice you can always email me - pav.dheansa@btopenworld.com Pav
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