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  1. runner girl

    Marathon Training :-)

    I have run several half marathons and two full marathons since being diagnosed 3 years ago with Celiac. I personally use Infinit which is a sports drink that has everything you need nutrition wise in it for your race. You can order it...
  2. runner girl

    Pei Wei Question

    Pei Wei is my favorite place to eat. The gluten-free sweet and sour chicken/shrimp is awesome. It is very sweet and served with pinapple and green peppers, which can easily be pushed to the side. The gluten-free Chicken salad rolls are...
  3. runner girl

    Skosh Monahan's In Costa Mesa, Ca

    thanks for posting. We live close by and will have to try eating there!
  4. Survey completed, good luck with your study!
  5. runner girl

    Scary 1/2 Marathon At Disneyland Today

    I too am a runner, have completed 3 marathons, several half marathons, one half Ironman and am now training for my first 50K Before long runs I usually eat a banana, have a power gel and wash it down with about 16 oz water. I always carry...
  6. During long runs and bike rides, I alternate between shot blocks and powergel. I just finished a half ironman and thought I had my nutrition down, but at the tail end of the bike leg, I was so hungry, something I was totally unprepared...
  7. runner girl

    Pre-race "carbo Loading"?

    I have run 1 marathon, several half marathons, and just finished a half ironman last month, since being diagnosed with Celiac. The night before the half ironman, I ate rice pasta and some gluten free bread. I felt amazing during the race...
  8. Does anyone know of any gluten free oyster sauces and where to buy them. After searching on the internet, I came across Choy sun Oyster Sauce and Chang' oyster sauce, but have no idea how to go about buying them. thanks for your help...
  9. I will be traveling to Spokane WA and Couer d'Alene, ID at the end of June. Does anyone know of any good restaurants in those areas? Thanks, runnergirl
  10. runner girl

    Gluten Free Menus

    The Spaghetti Factory also has gluten free pasta and a gluten free menu. Chili's also has some gluten free items as well.
  11. runner girl

    Testing Kids

    How did you go about having the genetic testing ordered? If you don't mind me asking, did your insurance pay for this or did you have to do it out of pocket. I would like to know if my kids carry the gene, just so I know if I need to...
  12. runner girl

    7 Weeks gluten-free

    I am 6 weeks gluten free and now feel like I have more energy. I used to be tired all the time, thought that it was normal, now I have so much more energy. Because of this, I feel I am better able to deal with stress and seem to be more...
  13. I was just wondering how long it takes before symptoms appear after accidentally eating gluten. I ate a salad last night that had croutons on top. I picked off the croutons and the top layer of the salad then ate the rest after washing...
  14. Hi all, First, I just want to thank everyone for all you're help and advice. It is nice to have a support system to help, especially since this is only week 2 of being gluten free. My question is, since celiac causes malabsorbtion...
  15. Is it ok to touch things with gluten as long as they are not put in the mouth. I was making paper maiche with my daughter and used regular flour. I am hoping this is not a problem. If so, how do you guys deal with cooking "gluten" food...