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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I started giving my cats Wellness canned food a few months ago. Out of 6 flavors, 5 of them have no grain at all and 1 of them has only rice added. They seem happier with the better food and have lost some of the extra weight they are carrying by eating more than they had before. It's more expensive but better for them.
  3. I appreciate everyone's input. This morning, I made oatmeal while he was sleeping. When he woke up, he knew immediately that there was gluten in the air. If it is psychological, I just don't know what to do. I might add that he has a problem in the supermarket bread aisle, also. His brother, who took his advice and went gluten free a few months ago, cannot even walk into the supermarket because he feels the gluten in the air.
  4. Thank you for your comments. No, I don't think this is in his head. And he is thrilled by my weight loss and hopes that it continues. He has no interest at all in eating my Nutrisystem food, which is what I am nuking. He was getting hot flashes before becoming gluten free and when he feels he has been glutened, these come back. Perhaps I should mention that he is 62 ate lots of gluten for 61 years.
  5. My husband has been gluten free for a year. I am careful not to leave any gluten crumbs lying around or anything else that might hurt him. I have been on NutriSystem to lose weight (they supply my food), so I do eat gluten and have been since he started being gluten-free. Recently, if I heat up a dinner in the microwave or cook oatmeal or boil noodles he says he feels like he has been glutened. I am not doubting him, I am just trying to find out how common this is and if it will go away. This has come on gradually and now I cannot heat something in the microwave for even 1 minute while he is anywhere near it. If I have to go off my diet (I have lost 60 pounds) I will. In the meantime, I would like some feedback about this if anyone else has experienced it. Thanks for your help.
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