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  1. His curve is exactly the same, 5th pertentile. I did find on the internet the "average ht of a 12 yr boy is 4'11" Tony is 4'9" (his brother, also +Celiac) is 9yr old 95lbs and also 4'9" Even with Celiac (+biopsy in Feb 2006) Nick is in the 95th pertentile for growth, figure that out? I think that why I'm SO anxious for Tony to grow. Your right, I'm hoping that he is the kid that grows well into his 30s. We all know guys that come back to the class reunion and they finally filled out.
  2. Thanks, your history is very much the same. I'm 5'7", hubby is 5"10" (grandparents MUCH shorter). Tony is 4'9" (turned 12 in Dec.) all of his friends are much taller. Please let me know how things go.
  3. Yes, he is maintaining the 5th percentile. 2" every yr. Tony turned 12 in Dec. and I found out over the internet that the "average" ht. for a 12yr old boys is 4'11" He's 4'9" I quess I should relax. I've planned out his curve and at 18 he'll be 5'9" at this rate. I'm one of those mom's that wants a miracle once a dx has been found. Especially when his friends come over and they're taller than me. His wt. was went from 72 to 75lbs in 18 months - but he is so much more active "burning calories". I'm devoted to his gluten free meals and hopefully my extra efforts will pay off some day. Thanks for your comments and maybe we'll both be suprise one of these days.
  4. So far the Ped. Gasto. Spec. isn't eager to pursue a visit with an Endo doc. Feels there's not enough issues to go in that direction. However - getting his levels checked would give me piece of mine. He's always be at the 5th percentile since birth. I do think he is a naturally a small build. We never had an answer to his poor growth until 2 years ago. I had hoped correcting his diet would get growth results.
  5. My 12 yr old son has been gluten-free (blood tests all negative over the last two yrs) but still fails to adequately grow. He growth is much the same as when he was suffering from Celiac Disease. I read these stories of 4 - 8" of growth in other children once their gluten-free. His fatigue is zero and energy is tripled BUT I WANT TO SEE HIM GROW. When should I get more aggressive with the doctors.
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