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  1. NGG,You're my hero!! I'm still trying all this out,and it's still a shock ,here's a question,if you don't mind...Did you think that this could have been something else at 1st?? I'm still in the process of checking with my Doc,and I feel more self diagnosed right now than this is definate.I've felt a little better in the last few days as a result of this diet...I don't know if I'm jumping the gun,but I seem to have very few symptoms ,other than frquent "movements" within an hour after eating "regular" food...I'm a medical rookie,and I'm 37 and not sure what to ask for-Blood tests? or even a Colonostymy(sp?) I guess I just don't want to avoid the Colon test and have it be too late IF there's a problem...Would they do blood tests 1st or just go right to it???Sorry to bombard you,just kinda thinkin out loud!! Thanks, Dub
  2. NoGlu,this REALLY HELPS,thank you so much!!It means alot,Dub1
  3. Thanks for all you help!!
  4. LM,thanks a bunch,kid!! I ordered it on Amazon,so I'll have it soon,Thanks Dub1
  5. Guys another quick one. Sometimes pepto seems to REALLY help.Is this a good thing,or bad long term effects?? Thanks everyone!
  6. Thanks for the words/advice/info,it helps!!Thanks and have a great night
  7. Thank you so much! 2 more things...1 Cheese 2.All,or most,veggies?? Thanks again,you've been a BIG help.
  8. Evening all.Quick one. Is Mayo ok??...Also any food book suggestions would be great!Thank you!
  9. Carla,can you recommend a book(s) that has all the types of food I can eat? Thanks in advance,rick.
  10. Ahh,thanks a bunch ,it REALLY helps!
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