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  1. To those who feel cheating is okay because they have little or no ill effects I have one question... Can you actually see into your intestines to see what is going on in there?Can you see if a cancer is brewing ? i can only speak for myself , but i am really having a hard time committing to the lifestyle BECAUSE i dont have any ill effects.i am in no way saying i wish i suffered like so many do , just putting my 2 cents in ...for what its worth
  2. hey blessings im with you all the way!!! you and only you know how your body will react. if its worth it for you , go for it. i personally am trying really hard to get back on the diet. been gluten free for the last week, but i am one of those that have no severe symptoms , so i completely understand the reaction of the others, my heart goes out to those who when glutened are affected so hard.
  3. very cool.... now if the sox will get on board also
  4. hey easy.. my symptoms were very mild , very bad gas and diarrhea if you consider those mild...lol but after 25 years of dealing with it i guess it just seemed normal.its just been recently when the headaches and now severe bone and joint pain started. i went to the dr. last week and he talked me into giving it another go and see if the pain goes away. good luck to you whatever direction you go.
  5. hey everyone its been a while since ive been here, but im back. i gave up the gluten free life for the last year or so and while i must say i enjoyed eating 'normal' again im ready to give it another serious go.my symptoms are still very minor , but i think im starting to notice more little annoying symptoms like joint pain and headaches are getting worse, especially after eating pizza? cant figure that one out, i can eat a whole loaf of bread , but if i eat a few slices of pizza ...look out. i have no real question or concerns right now , i just wanted to say hello again.
  6. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  7. i actually went to a gi doc beacause i had constant gas which my wife and coworkers didnt appreciate, its kinda a joke at work now .i tell them i have a medical condition...lol, but the doc hit it on the head 2 mins into interview. i had blood work and scopes and both came back positive. no one else in my family has been tested ,but im convinced my dad and younger brother has it.neither will get tested.
  8. i avoided this web site for the last 7 or 8 months because i said "screw it" and started eating whatever i wanted, i dont know why, but something made me log on tonight and i read a post about cheating on the diet and it made me feel like crap and it made me wonder if anyone else has the same dilema ..blood test and scope says i have celiac but i just dont have the horrible side affects that most on this site have.if you are out there what do you do to stay gluten free???
  9. i wish i could say i dont cheat, but i fall off the wagon ALL the time, it has been really difficult to deal with because i dont have any horrible symptoms or side affects , unless you consider gas and loose movements not always big 'd'. its almost like ive been dealing with this for sooo long im used to it..ive actually been off the diet since thankgiving of last year and really trying to get the self control and confidence to get back on the diet...
  10. i fell off the wagon a week before thanksgiving and ate everything in sight thru christmas, now 10 lbs and major headaches later , i trying to get back on track.i never used to get bad headaches after eating gluten,but im working on a 5 day headache marathon. my only symptoms before were upset stomach and big d which i handled i thought pretty good for 25 years or so.is it fairly common to go gluten free for a period of time then reintroduce gluten and have new reactions???? hope everyone is well and had a happy holiday season
  11. terrible gas which my coworkers love....lol and lately ive been getting bad headaches that i never noticed before and of course D
  12. when i first went gluten-free in march i ate original lays and got extreme gas for the first few weeks , but now i have no problems at all. kinda curious why the change
  13. i go to lonestar quite often without problems, but i must admit im not very sensitive to glutening symptoms, except bad gas thats usually when i know.. good luck and have a great dinner
  14. dude... great response, but who the hell is Alexis Stewart ????
  15. at Buena Beef the naked combo is a beef and sausage combo, they put it in a plastic salad type bowl with italian beef smothered in mozz cheese and peppers and then they cut the italian sausage into little slices , all of this is swimming in beef juice. i got this at the original store in Oak Park im not sure if the others list it on the menu, but it is really good. at portillos they just give you a sausage in a hot dog wrapper and the beef minus the mozz cheese , unless you request it in a cup, not as good as BUENA ,but still a good option
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