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  1. My son, age 6, has had digestive issues for a long time. He has belly pain/bloating after meals; actually it begins before the meal is half over. The worst of his pain seems to be in the area just below his stomach, around his navel. He also has cramps in his left side. He has bouts of constipation/diarrhea, and has had gastric reflux for several years. Currently he takes previcid daily for reflux. He also has tooth enamel issues, and has just begun sleeping through the night. He has been doing better, so much so that we hoped he was "over" whatever was bothering him, but in the last couple of weeks his symptoms have come back with a vengence. The pediatric gastro doctor ran many tests on him, but can't pinpoint a cause. She feels he should have endoscopy/biopsy to determine if this is celiac. Reading what I've typed out makes it seem so much clearer to me. I think we do need to try to pinpoint the cause. Endoscopy/biopsy would be the next logical step, wouldn't it? He has had multiple bloodtests, upper G.I., allergy tests, and tests to rule out parasites and infections. I'm not sure of the "numbers" on his bloodwork, but the gastro doctor said there were no "red flags"; however, she hasn't ruled out celiac. What do you all think?
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