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  1. Hello to all people who live in Beijing like me. I`m a German Expat and I`ll be around for a longe time in beijing. I have good and bad news. First the bad news: I have been to many places in my short life, but beijing is an absolute food nightmare to me. I have never had as many food (Celiac) related problems in my whole life than here. It`s a problem living here with celiac disease. Especially when you have to go to business dinners all the time.... Now the good news. For everyvbody who is interested. I have a chinese Translation which describes celiac disease shortly and states what is allowed to eat and what not. If anybody is interested I can send it to you. Just write your email to gjp@keba.com and I will send you the pdf file. I`m very interested in keeping in touch with other people who can give me some tips. Beijing is not easy.... Hasta Luego,
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