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  1. Wow, cheers for the super speedy replies, much appreciated. I had no idea what a colonoscopy would actually find, so it's helpful to know that it wont find celiac disease. I guess the doc is checking me for crohns first, since my cousin might have that. He never really tells me much, so I'm left clueless after my appointments. He mentioned referring me to a specialist, so I'll stick it out for a bit longer and if nothing is suggested after the colonscopy, I'll suggest the blood tests and endoscopy to the doc. Thanks
  2. Hey All, I'm new to the forum and to the wonder of celiac disease which I think I may have, although I'm not sure. I've been having stomach problems for the past year and a half. It usually involves cramping pains in my left side just under my ribs (thats right side for someone looking at me) that wakes me up in the morning, usually followed by some uncomfortable bowel movements. The pain sometimes eases after BM, but more often lingers until about midday then returns in the evening. Lately I've been experiencing the pain all day with the addition of back pain. Since having these pains I've been left feeling drained, cranky and my appetite is disappearing. Other weirdness I've been experiencing is a strange feeling in my legs and arms, which I'm associating with bad circulation, but I don't know if it is, it's just a weird uncomfortable feeling I get from time to time. Other symptoms / signs that I've matched up with what I think might be celiac is the fact that I was tested a lot when I was younger regarding my height or lack of. I was also diagnosed as being slightly anemic. When the pains first started I went to the doctors (UK) and was told I had IBS, this was without any tests whatsoever, I was prescribed some antispasmodics and fibre. This didn't help my problems at all, it gave me more diarrhea, which I assume was linked to the fibre. I have since moved to Canada and registered for a new doctor where I was given the usual blood tests you get when you register with a doctor. I told them about my "IBS" and they prescribed Zelnorm without any testing. However I was called back into the docs a week later for more blood tests after being told my blood was insufficient from the first tests. The following week I was told I had an inflamed liver and high cholesterol. This baffled me because I ain't much of a drinker and I eat pretty healthily. I took the doctors advice and avoided red meats and alcohol, infact I tried my hardest to eat only things with 0 cholesterol! Two weeks later I had another blood test and it said my liver was 100% again, the doc said it must've been a virus. While waiting for these results I did some research online looking for links between my pains and liver problems, etc... I found celiac disease, I have most of the symptoms and I also read that it can cause abnormalities with liver enzymes, which may explain my inflamed liver. I spoke to my family members about it and found out that my cousin has similar problems and is being tested for crohns disease and my mother has gluton intolerance. I read up on crohns disease, but I don't think I have the symptoms, so I think I can rule that out. I tried staying away from glutony food for a bit and I felt a bit better, which I think is a sure sign that it must be something along these lines. I told the doc about my cousin and mother and he said he's going to arrange a colonoscopy, but said it could take some time. I've read on this forum that I should eat 4 slices of bread (or equivalent) a day before my colonoscopy for accurate results, but the doc said nothing about this. I'm not too thrilled about getting a camera shoved where the sun don't shine, so I want to get it right the first time. Any help would be highly appreciated. And if you read this and think, this dude doesn't have celiac disease, let me know, I'm just trying to find out whats wrong! Thanks.
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