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  1. Thank you! Your reasoning seems very sound and comforting. I will proceed from here as a gluten-free eater.
  2. I am new to this but shouldn't be. I was diagnosed with celiac, my mother tells me, as a baby, 50 years ago. She said I ate lamb, but never mentioned other dietary changes. My parents are both pharmacists and I think they would have eliminated gluten from my diet if they had known to. I grew up eating the same things the rest of my family did. Did they know and just didn't think it mattered? I just assumed I was cured as a baby. I ate normally until I went away for college and began dieting. I eliminated the normal things, but I wasn't very strict about it. I continued to eat that way, off and on, until last year when I was hospitalized for 11 weeks and began to enjoy "treats" such as bread, pasta and desserts since they were specified for me by the dietician. Once I came home I included bread/cereal/pasta in what I thought was a balanced diet. I gained a lot of weight this year! I have been depressed most of my life. I have tingling in my legs (peripheral neuropathy), stomach ulcers, IBS, insomnia. I think I mentioned celiac to my doctor, but maybe I didn't since I thought it was moot. I guess I'm mostly wondering if they knew celiac was only cured by a gluten-free diet 50 years ago. Please help me.
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