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  1. Thank you for putting this into consideration, but I am being followed by an gyn oncologist that has had me wait for 3 months already thinking that if I increased my uptake of folic acid it could improve a bit since at this point it is carcinoma in situ and see the oncologist in April to re access. He is not very informed about celiac or gluten intolerance and the affects it can have on clotting or healing quicky though. I just want to make sue that I will be giving my body a proper chance to clot and heal so that more issues are not caused form the surgery itself, as well as more strain on my already racing heart. :/ Just trying to cover all of my bases!
  2. Wow, thank you all for replying so fast. I appreciate all of the responses. I have just a few more questions so I can try and get myself on the right track. Is it really necessary to use even toilet paper and lipstick that is gluten free? Also for me when I eat gluten my only problems have been an upset stomach that sends me to tears for days, muscle weakness, brain fog, constipation, and muscle and bone soreness. I do think these are due to the gluten although they could be something else, but I have to assume at this point that they are. I also get bumps and blood blisters on my body too. Is it normal that I only have constipation as a bowel issue and not the other way around? How did I get this when no one else in my family has any issues with anything like this? My daughter is autistic and we are on the guten free casein free diet to try and help with the autism, but she always had really bad stomach problems and crying in pain (she is non-verbal so could not tell me) and when we went on this diet about 8 months ago she improved with no more stomach problems at all, and is so much more alert. How is it that we are the only 2 that have this in my family? Should I be concerned for going for the surgery for my cervical cancer? I have read that celiac can cause blood clotting issues etc.. Mine is at the point of surgery so I am really scred becuase I feel so weak and my heart races constantly for which I am on heart meds for. Lastly, after eating gluten (by accident) how long does it take before I will feel better? I ate the gluten the other night, but now every time I eat I get really sick again. I am also so tired for the 2nd day now and do not want to move. I thank all of you for taking the time to respond to me and I finally feel like I am not alone! I can not believe that 5 years ago I felt like a happy and healthy woman that was ready to conquer the world and now I have become a weak, sore, sick, bedridden woman who feels the life has been sucked out of. Please tell me that some of you now feel like your former self after adhearing to this diet. I could not imagine living like this much longer.
  3. I have been sick for about 7-8 months although I have always had belly problems since I was young. I was at the point that I was only getting out of bed 2 days a week for the last several months and did not know what was going on until I told my dr what foods seemed to make my belly pain and bloating worse.I had beem through s many tests that proved negative. He thought Celiac. I was tested and all came back negative. I went gluten free anyway and have felt a bit better, out of bed 3-4 days now, but have been losing weight really quick. I decided to eat a bowel of guten free cereal with whole milk and ate sushi last night with soy sauce and today got really sick and have felt bad all day. Almost crying pain. The problem I have is HOW do I stop losing weight? I no longer eat bread, candy bars, cookies, cakes, whole milk, eggs (makes me really sick) so now it is all veggies, meat, chicken, turkey, and some fruit, and gluten free brown rice bars and water. I am losing so much that as a woman a size 4 is getting too big. I have lost 20 lbs in 6 months and lose by the week. I really need advice on how to gain weight and feel not so weak and in bed anymore! Please! I am also hypoglycemic and have to be careful to avoid too much sugar in the morning also. I also am dealing with cervical cancer and can not go under the knife when I am not even strong enough to get out of bed most days. I walk a block when I go out and am so tired I have to go home. I am only 35. I am at the point that my bones hurt in the morning if I slept wrong. (do not know if this is due to this disease?) I do believe I have Celiac regardless of what the dr says. Has anyone had success feeling better or has anyone felt this bad? I have read some of the posts and see that a lot are doing good with gluten free. I also did not know until I read it here today that soy sauce contained gluten or the artificial crab (which I ate also) so now I KNOW gluten is the issue. My stomach feels better gluten free but the rest of me is falling apart. I feel my strength and my life has been taken away Any recs here? I really am trying to help myself, but I do not know how anymore. I am afraid to eat most days, afraid I will be sick to eat anything besides the basics. Any help would be so wonderful. I am so happy to have found this site!
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