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  1. Just got back from the wedding...it WAS in fact gluten-free and lactose-free...not only THAT, but I got served my plate the same time as the head table got their meal!! Before anyone else got to eat. And because everything was numbered and had assigned seating they knew just where to bring it. It was so filling, and so delicious. Also a HUGE relief because my mind was like "oh my god, i can't believe for once I DON'T have to worry about my food!!". I'll upload a picture of my plate after I go to sleep and wake up haha. Much too pooped.....now i remember why people call us "crazy ukrainians" :lol:

    ~ Lisa ~

    That is great news! Me and 2 of my celiacs were at a wedding this weekend too..and the chef heard that there were 3 celiacs attending.. OUR meal was hand delivered and we had MORE food and better food thanthe wedding party! :-)

    I felt so special LOL

    So glad that it all worked out for you too.

  2. I am sorry to hear that you are having problems.

    For me.. dairy showed up first, then gluten. 20years ago..and I have never been able to eat dairy again. I can eat Aged Cheese (b/c it no longer has lactose) and lactaid milk in small quantities.

    It may be a good idea to rule out dairy.

    I don't know if this is fact, but I was told 20years ago by a doc that the lactase enzyme sits on the tip of the villi, so if the villi is damaged from celiac, it is very unlikely that lactose will be tolerated.

    In children, it almost ALWAYS comes back, in adults it is about 50 50 to return.

    Hope you can figure it out.

  3. Hi MarlyKarly,

    Baked goods sent by post or Courier will go off.

    Why not send Bread mixes or cookies mixes, then he would just have to add

    the bare amount of ingredients, and just bake.

    Sorry i can't help re: availability of gluten-free goods in Greece, maybe someone who

    had a long visit or lived there for a while can help ?

    The following may be helpful.



    Hellenic Coeliac Society


    Mr. P. Plessas

    125 Ippokratous Street

    GR-Athens 114 72, Greece

    Tel: 30/136/14/366 or 30/1/46/18/081

    Many thanks..I am sending it off to him today!

    He has limited kitchen usage, and even less cooking utensils.. Thanks ;-)


  4. My son is living there until the end of June and having a very hard time getting gluten-free food. I have sent him several care packages..but bread molds before it arrives to him..

    If you know of any place in or around ATHENS that he could get some gluten-free foods ..that would be Greatly Appreciated!!!


  5. Cindy, thanks for your help. My daughter is going to study abroad and I am trying to figure out how she can be prepared for nausea. I will definitely ask about Reglan! :)


    My oldest son is in college and he was able to get an apartment on campus (same price as the dorm) b/c the school could not provide him with a healthy gluten-free diet.. and it was affecting his studies. He roomed with 4 other guys.. but it gave him a kitchen to prepare his own foods.

    Is there a chance your dd could qualify for something like that?

    He also travels a lot.. and has been in 6 countries in the past 2 years.. Right now he is in Greece. He carries the language menu cards with him and always keeps a jar of p-nbutter, and a bag of pretzles (for dipping in it) with him.

    Some places are great.. like when he was in Zimbabwe..they have No wheat in the country..

    other places such as Greece where they eat Tons of bread.. are difficult..

    feel free to pm me if you want to talk..

    As for the nausea.. my son only takes tums or pepto..nothing prescription..

    HOnestly if she i getting that sick..the university needs to meet her needs better.


  6. When my oldest was first diagnosed at the age of 5 he weighed 25lbs. He had a huge tummy and spindly little arms and legs.. he was severely malnurished.

    that was 17 years ago.. and we had pretty slim picking for gluten-free food.

    HE didn't grow quickly after that and even today is a small man.

    and picky eating goes along with that

    My 8yo was 9mo when we diagnosed him.. he is a Big boy.. but still a picky eater..

    some of the things we have done to get them to eat..

    We give youngest gluten-free pretzles.. and a glob of nut butter and a glob of marshmallow fluff

    he loves to dip his pretzles in it.. (instead of bread)

    Cheese melted on Tortillas



    homeaded chex mix (favorite cereals,nuts, and cin/sugar/butter lightly roasted then I add raisins or dried fruit)



    anything that they would eat.. offered at anytime of the day.

    Also make sure she is getting a good multivitamin

    I hope that helps!

  7. McDonalds Fries are gluten-free.. we eat them all the time..

    We also have no issues with ordering burgers NO BUN..

    My boys and I all have severe reactions to Gluten.. almost immediate (within 30min)..

    but we have had no issues to McD's..

    However.. the high fat sometimes gets us :huh:

  8. I have never had any problems with menu's. We have always found the kitchen staff more than willing to accomodate.

    Just give them plenty of time.. often they can offer a 'gluten-free version' of the catered menu.

    last year my aunt had a wedding reception.. and the kitchen just provided my son's and myself with grilled chicken breast.. baked potatoes fresh fruit and steamed vegies.

    It was very nice..

    Good luck!

  9. Ener-g bread was about the only gluten free bread available 29 years ago. (The only way to eat is heated with lots of butter and maple syrup.) There were not the assortment of mixes available either when I went gluten free.

    Isn't that the truth! that was our only choice for many years.. My oldest and I ate it every day!

    Now I have tried just about every bread on the market.. and there are some wonderful choices.. and Delicious baked goods.. I should give up a few ;) it might help me knock off a few pounds!

  10. Thank you to all that responded. I think that be must have very significant damage to his bowls. Yesterday I found out that his tTG level was three times the maximum normal value for his age. I know that he doesn't have any food allergies--that's what we were originally looking for when we found Celiacs. I give him soy milk, ect, but he does get cheese. His doctor said that I could give him half a lactate before he ingests cheese. Out of curiosity, has anyone herd anything negative about that?

    Thanks again. This resource is truly indispensable!!! :)

    Be careful with the soy milk... not all of them are gluten free..

    I agree with the doc.. use lactaid milk for awhile.. then reintroduce regular milk.

    the lactase enzyme is on on the tip of the villi.. so until they repair.. the dairy has a bit of trouble getting digested.. with a child it won't take long for it to heal.

  11. I hope you get answers.. so you child feels better soon.

    If the tests don't prove any answers for you.. I would encourage you to have him tested for parasites..

    my oldest ds contracted them on a missions trip .. and his symptoms sounded very similar to your son's. Most US docs don't think to check for the parasite..but if you can let them know the area that your son was.. he may be able to target the most common parasite to that area.

    Hope it all works out well for you.

  12. sorry to hear about the difficult trimester..

    With my #3.. I was so sick I had to take meds..BUT.. I found eating protien helped..

    I ate lots of meat..eggs and cheese

    any time of the day or night.. It was one of the few things that woudl stay down.. and I noticed that when i was hungry.. I was also more nauseated.

    sometimes.. salty potato chips and lemonade were a perfect fix for the morning sickness too. I think for me it was the salt and sour combo.

    Try to eat small amounts all day.. it might be better than waiting for that one meal..

    Hope you are feeling better soon..