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  1. Tiffany, what were your symptoms for you to decide to go gluten free?
  2. actually I've had loose stools and then diarrhea alternating for the past 6 months. I got off Paxil in Sept 06 and since then it seems I've had more and more stomach aches and now I have stomach pains daily with constant diarrhea. I have no appetite so I force myself to eat. How can they detect celiac if you're not eating??
  3. Hi all, I am a 43 yo f and have had diarrhea for 7 wks now. I was treated for poss Giardia 2 wks ago but the diarrhea is still here and bad stomach cramps. I had to go to the er yesterday because my stomach hurt so much. I have no appetite and still all the cramping. Now I'm awaiting a GI appt. and was told poss malabsorption probs. Are these symptoms of celiac disease? Please anyone help me.
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