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  1. You have my deepest sympathies with the food diary thing. I can't make head or tale of mine either. I'm sitting here this very evening plotting the quantities of every food group I've eaten into an excel graph and comparing them to my various symptoms. Can I see patterns? Yes hundreds, and very pretty they are too. Beyond that.... All I can say is it's worth recording so that in future you can reference back to any good/bad spates you have and one day they may make more sense and even be useful once you know a bit more about where you're headed with all your other tests etc. Having read through this forum, I think its safe to assume that even with a positive coeliac diagnosis, there are likely to be other food intolerances too. I'm hoping that will be where my food diary finally helps to point the way for me. All the best, and yes, push for every test you can. Kris
  2. Hello there, I've been lurking for a while and you seem like such a nice caring bunch of people that I've come to join the ranks after 6 months with IBS-like symptoms, weight-loss and a definite change when I accidentaly cut out gluten for a week. I'm just awaiting results of my first blood test sometime this week, but the waiting game is driving me crazy. Since going to the doc I've realised (and I can't believe) that I actually forgot to mention some significant aspects of my symptoms. Namely, I've had since at least early autumn a hard and rubbery, though not enlarged, lymph node on the side of my neck. At least I assume it's a lymph node because it's in the right place. Has anyone else had this as just another symptom of auto-immune disease? The lump hasn't got bigger, it's not painful or tender and can't be seen through the skin. But, my neck gets very slightly itchy at times and now I have horrific visions of being diagnosed with some kind of lymphoma. I've seen others comment on enlarged/tender nodes that went away with a gluten free diet, but nothing about this. Everywhere I look I see nothing but cancer cancer cancer. I have positive days and negative days, but I'm just eating myself alive worrying about this and how long it will be before any tests might be done etc. I will mention it to doc when I go, but in the mean time, any enlightenment would be much appreciated. Thanks, Kris
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