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  1. I am planning a trip to Spain in April. I will be in Madrid for 5 days and Seville/Garanda for 2-3 days. Any helpful hints for eating gluten-free in Spain? I will be staying with a family member in Madrid so I can shop for groceries and can cook at home but would also like to eat out. Thanks, jamswampy
  2. moongirl, re; aruba. I have been traveling annually to Aruba since 1981, was diagnosed celiac in 2003. So I have been to Aruba 3 times since celiac diagnosis. The bad news: there is not alot of knowledge about celiac disease in Aruba. There are several large grocery stores, but none I found that carried gluten-free bread or products. So, if you eat gluten-free bread, I would it bring it with you from the US. I did. I also brought plenty of gluten-free Power bars to have in a pinch (long airline flight etc...) Beyond that, you just have to ask alot of questions of the chef at any restaurant. If you stick with high end restaurants you should be ok. Places like Bennigans, Houlihans, etc....will likely not be able to help you. I think there is an Outback Steakhouse which does carry a gluten-free menu in the US. THere is a restaurant called El Gaucho (steak place) and I have always been ok there. Steak, baked potato and plain salad. But, the sun and sand after a long winter are worth the extra effort! Good luck! Jamswampy
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