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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. My daughter is not too bad as she will eat meats, some veggies and fruits. She is willing to eat a good diet. I dont give my kids lots of candy or sweets, but they do get their chips and cookies. I give in moderatation, but I am sure if I didnt have them available he would eat something else. the problem with my son is he has a sensory disorder, so certain foods make him gag or he thinks he wont like them so he wont eat them. And this makes it difficult to introduce new foods. He eats some main staple things, but to get him to eat rice pasta, no way. We just got him to eat Campbells batman soup. Before that he ate no pasta. I work on him alot, but it turns into a battle and everyone gets frustrated. I have even tried strawberries with chocoate dip or caramel, and sugar with fruits. Nope. He is a real pain..... But at least they are not candy cravers and they rarely eat chocalate or real sugar candy. Our downfall is the lack of forage in the diet (fiber). I agree that offering the choices is key and I do that now. It this or that, take a pick. I dont like being a short order cook. Barb
  3. - be aware that there are different degrees of going gluten-free. It might all seem a bit extreme at first, but its good to be aware of. Best wishes!
  4. Thanks for the quick replies!! All I can say as I sadily watch my favorite foods be put aside for gluten free pastas, and crackers, is how MUCH better I feel tonight. I have not even had to down my usual cocktail of tyenlol and codeine every 3 hours. And that is terrific!! I really look forward to see how my kids do. I have to admit, that my daughter is less gassy tonight and that is certainly a blessing. Barb
  5. Hi, I am new here, but have been reading these post for the last 2 days with MUCH enthuasiam. I came across celiac while researching an autoimmune paper for school. As I started reading the symptoms and related info, I was amazed. I had an endoscope for stomach ulcers and I was supposed to be checked for celiac, but the doctor "forgot", so the test was not done. I did not know too much about it, and my stomach ulcers were almost healed, I did not pursue it. My main issue however, is not digestive for the most part, but mobility. I have had various stages of joint pain for the past 16 years. Sometimes so bad I can not move. The last year is has been horrible. I have been on NSAID for the last 15 years with no sucess, PT, exercising, etc. No help. Now I am on narcotics to relieve the pain and be able to function. I have had a grocery list of diagnosis, yet none were ever really on the mark. I have been told I have everything from arthritis, luxating patella, torn cruciates, fibromyalia, mechanical low back pain, lyme disease, hypothyrodism, chronic bursitis, chronic tendanitis, etc. All the tests were always normal. I have had every arthritis, autoimmune test related to chronic joint pain all come out negative. I am constantly congested, and have been told I have allergies and chronic rhinitis/sinusitis. I have aniexty and depression, who wouldn't. I basically have explained to my doctor that I wake up every morning feeling like I have been run over by a truck. Yesterday I woke up with a headaches, horrific backache, and so stiff and sore, it was just about impossible to move. Even my fingers and hands were stiff and hard to move on the keyboard. My skin is so sensitive, that the slightest touch can be painful. I have been living this way for the last year. The chronic joint pain, mostly hips, knees, and ankles has been for the last 16 years. And though I do not suffer from constipation or diarrhea, I have severe GERD and heartburn and live on zantac. My doctor just keeps me on stomach drugs, pain meds and says it's fibromylia. I think she gets annoyed, but I am only 36 yr and should be healthy!! Esp since all the lab tests, Xrays, and even stomach endoscope are normal! So what is it. I used to be a vibrant, healthy, active, fun 18 year old. Yes, I am now, 36, but that doesn't mean you are condemned to a life of undx'd pain. If I had a dx, it wouldn't be as bad. And then there are my kids. connor 6yr boy with speech problems, eating problems, will not eat any fruits or vegs. Has not been able to "poop" without discomfort since he was 16 mo. old. He either has diarrhea,or is constipated. The MD's and specalist just put him on laxative after laxative. No help. He was supposed to be tested for celiac when he was 2 yrs, but I dont remember if he was or wasnt. He constantly leaks stool into his underwear and I feel so bad for him. It is esp bad in the summer and he wants to go swimming or be outside. He gets horrific stomach cramps. my daughter, alyssa, 4 this summer, has BAD gas, and has for the last 8 months if not longer. She passes extremely LG stools that it hurts to go and she does not want to. When I read this site, I immediately decided to go 100% gluten free for me and my kids. My husband is on board and is willing to help. I went out and bought and new food and are switiching us over. I dont have any problem being tested but I dont want to put my kids through that. I also went to a holistic dr and nutritionist a couple of weeks ago. I let him do all the stool tests, and he also did a urine test and saliva tests. They are all testing my intestinal tract, my way of processing foods and producing energy. I get the results back this Friday. All I know is I have not have any gluten for 24 hours and for the first time in months are actually pain free. ?????????? I dont think it can be the lack of gluten so quickly, but I am willing to try anything. Sorry for the length, but I am trying to squish 16 yrs of pain, drs, meds, and exhaustion into a couple of mins. ANY ideas, anyone else with similiar joint and muscular pain? I am also on a lot of meds both presc. and herbal. I want to stop the codeine and not have to take any pain meds. I would also love a good nights sleep without meds and without waking up stiff and unable to move the next morning. Thanks for listening!!!!! I look forward to replies! Take care! Barb
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