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  1. There's a lot of fine lines in the discussion regarding illegal substances. Personal

    responsibility is pretty much the only factor in distinguishing safe use and

    unsafe use. Knowing you're using an altering substance and driving is

    irresponsible and causes untold grief, just look at the drunk driving statistics. On

    the other side of the coin, consider the study being done on low-dose psilocybin

    and it's healing effects on PTSD sufferers. I've personally had marijuana relieve

    serious pain from shingles, but find no benefit from it when I'm not ill or injured.

    I haven't read enough about ayahuasca to have any opinion as to it's safety or

    efficacy, but I do know LSD carries many dangers. My only wish for anyone

    reading this conversation would be to take away this: STUDY. Study anything

    you may choose to use exhaustively, discerningly, take nothing as a given or

    for granted.

  2. Here's the reply I got from Glutino when I asked about whether their crackers were made on a dedicated line.

    If I understand correctly, their crackers are not included as something that is made on a dedicated line. (Unlike many of their other products...this fits with what the woman on the phone told me as well). 


    I don't know how I feel about it, as I've been accidentally glutened by products that are made on non-dedicated lines.... But perhaps they are safer about it than other places.




    Dear ....,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us here at Glutino. We always appreciate hearing from consumers who care enough to reach out to us with their comments or questions.

    As a pioneer in the gluten-free industry, Glutino is committed to creating the best tasting gluten-free products. All of Glutino’s pastas, breads, bagels, bars, and baking mixes are made in dedicated gluten free facilities. Regardless of where we produce the products, our stringent quality control processes go beyond industry standards and all products must pass rigorous internal and external testing for gluten before distribution.

    Thank you for choosing Glutino products. We hope you continue to enjoy our products for many years to come!


    Your Friends at Glutino






    Yeah, that didn't mention the crackers.....

  3. I typically don't go anywhere I haven't found online as having a gluten free menu.

    Then when I arrive, the first person I see gets a big smile and I tell them "I come

    for your gluten free food!" And their response determines whether I stay. Then I

    ask "Are you super-Celiac-uptight or are you serving the fad diet demographic?"

    And they've always answered me quite honestly. Seems to work nicely.

  4. Duck eggs behave pretty much the same way as chicken eggs, when fried

    in a pan the whites can be more rubbery-feeling. The yolks are much bigger,

    and therefore good for those of us who like their yolks runny! When baking,

    if the eggs are VERY big, you may need to add a touch more flour, but that's it.


  5. They must not have been paying attention while in class. Around here, we have graduates from the CIA and Johnson & Wales school in Rhode Island and they both have courses in gluten-free cooking. I believe that Johnson & Wales actually has a course of study for Celiac's so they can do the pastry/bread portion without being cc'd. They are taking Celiac Disease very seriously at these places and it shows when they graduate and get jobs. I have spoken at length with graduates from these 2 schools and they are very impressive with their knowledge.

    I have also visited the CIA campus in NY and eaten at their restaurants there......great experience. Makes for a good vacation destination because it's a pretty area, rich in history.

    That's good to hear! The Johnson and Wales graduates I worked with were, frankly, terrifying. That was ten years ago at this point, and I was working with people who were a long time out of school, so the changes in recent years are very promising.

  6. I worked in a hotel that had a restaurant and a major catering operation for the

    meeting space in the hotel. I worked with a whole lot of culinary school graduates

    who wouldn't know the word 'gluten' if it were the million dollar question on a game

    show. Just sayin'. :rolleyes:  Frustrating that we need such long list of 'parameters' for

    where we can eat out, I know.

  7. HMom, I've been gluten free for ten years now, and I STILL get sad sometimes at the

    grocery store when I see the Texas Toast in the freezer section. I'm mostly ok, but every

    so often I'll get pouty and my better half will kiss me and push me along lol. It's normal,

    reasonable, and perfectly acceptable to grieve this kind of loss/change in your life. It

    will get better, I promise!

  8. THANK YOU stereofidelic89 for backing me up on this.  After a barrage of responses talking about how great the cookies were and someone repeatedly saying that I'm just expecting too much of gluten free cookies because I'm newly gluten free, it's good to hear there is someone else out there who is not lying to protect their daughter's cookie sales or just has broken taste buds.  


    This was me after reading others' comments about how good the cookies were: 



    I'm guessing someone will probably respond now and say that you must have gotten a fake bag of gluten-free girl scout cookies, but in reading your comment, I assure you those are them.  Extremely fine and crumbly, tastes fake and incredibly sweet.  


    But again, I'm not trying to make a statement against the girl scouts, they are an awesome organization.  I'm just disappointed in their cookie, since everything else they make is so delicious AND since it doesn't seem that difficult to make a good gluten free cookie (Udi's, Pamela's, etc.)  

    This description sounds a lot like some cookies I picked up at my local store that they were carrying for Passover. The brand is Gefen, and I grabbed them because I tend to feel better when I eat entirely grain free, and they were relatively low sugar. They look a whole lot like Famous Amos cookies, although thicker, and they taste JUST like you describe the Girl Scout cookies. I wonder if the Girl Scout recipe is tapioca and potato starch based, as well. And I was also really dissappointed because I've had other starch-based products that were super tasty, the Absolutely Gluten Free crackers are amazing. So, who knows....



    Edited to add: I just looked at the pictures of them on the ABC Bakers website, and boy do they

    LOOK the same! Weird.

  9. I have certainly seen dishes come out of a dishwasher with crud still on them

    (mine included). And given that your son's numbers are still up means of course,

    there's something that's going on there that needs addressing. You've gotten a

    lot of good advice on this thread. Can you think of any other ways your son

    might be getting exposed? A regular medication that hasn't been checked?