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  1. I'm a slacker, if it had been fridged and then freezed I'd totally use it. The sell by date is for

    quality with an item like that, usually, not for safety necessarily. It's also a starch, rather than

    a flour, so in the case of flours the concern would be rancidity from the oil turning, which this

    one doesn't have that concern, or little buggers burrowing through the bag and infesting it (ew)

    which you had it in the fridge so no worries.

  2. Someone told a story in another thread about finding that the new Pillsbury refrigerated gluten

    free stuff in the grocery store was out of date, so she pointed it out to the pair of stockboys

    just down the aisle. One of them replied something like "Well I think people who eat gluten free

    are annoying anyway". She replied to him, "Well, I have a medical condition, which means that

    when I eat gluten I get very, very sick. So.... I just don't have anything nice to say to you about



    I LOVE THAT! "I just don't have anything nice to say to you about that." I've been waiting for an

    opportunity to use that line and haven't had one yet.....

  3. It looks like the only gluten thing their equipment also processes is the chocolate with the crispy rice in it, which would be crisped rice with barley malt, I think. That's gotta be such a tiny amount, just to start with in the rice, that I wouldn't think that could really carry over to other flavors. On the rare occasion I eat chocolate (not doing that voluntarily btw..... :angry: ) I stick to Endangered Species because I might as well splurge if it's only once a month lol ;)  so I can't tell you if I react to Ghirardelli, but I'd say they're safe (except the crisp-y flavors obviously).

  4. Apparently the CSA actually did not say that Omission beer was risk free, but just that it passed their certification: 


    "First of all, CSA executive director Mary Schluckebier apologizes for the headline calling Omission "risk-free," -- she says CSA never intended to quantify Omission as "risk-free," and in fact doesn't consider it to be risk-free. The CSA isn't endorsing Omission beer, either, Schluckebier tells me."




    "According to Schluckebier, Omission actually applied under a new section of the CSA program designed for products that are made from wheat, barley, rye or oats but rendered gluten-free (this part of the program actually was created for new types of oats that have been bred to eliminate the oat proteins to which many of us react)."


    There is no indication, from the CSA's awarding of this 'seal', that it was given though a different part of the program than other products do. The 'seal' is the same. I find that to be rather disingenuous. A lot of people consider a CSA seal to mean 'no further research necessary'.  Not to mention the fact that they are completely ignoring Dr Fasano's opinion of the Elisa test's ability to detect denatured

    gluten proteins....

  5. Indeed! There's the Engine 6 Pizza company in Norwich, never gotten sick there.

    They do calzones, pizza, breadsticks, nothing fried.


    There's Elizabeth's in Rocky Hill, they serve fresh tapioca cheese rolls and can make

    almost anything on the menu gluten free. It's an Italian/Portuguese place, large portions

    with rich heavy sauces, gluten free pasta.


    Shoreline Diner in Guilford, SWEET POTATO FRIES! Plus really good sandwiches

    and gluten free breakfast foods, the regular french fries are somewhat lackluster in

    my opinion.


    Cafe on Broadway in North Haven, breakfast/lunch place. Over half the kitchen is

    dedicated gluten free, pancakes, sandwiches, fries, baked goods occasionally.


    The Home Restaurant in Branford. Best french fries ever, served with special house

    made dipping sauces. Pasta, fancy meat preparations, decent burgers, onion rings-

    woot! Very tasty food, though a bit pricey.


    I second the recommendation for Burton's. They are truly fantastic. Dee's is a nice

    bakery too, although oddly I very much disliked their actual sandwich bread when I

    tried it, which to be fair was a few years ago now.

  6. It's my understanding that the issue with TJ's is as follows: They contract with

    regular brands, like Stonyfield or Hood or whoever, at a discount, and they slap

    their own labels on the product. Therefore, there is a disconnect between the

    labeling and your ability to investigate further. A bag of chips might have the little

    'g' on it, but you can't call the company to find out what that really means because

    TJ's doesn't disclose who is actually making the product. I believe that's why Udi's

    is one of the few branded items you'll see in the store, they probably weren't

    willing to let TJ's put their own label on it. So for those less sensitive or only looking

    for a decent deal on tasty pickles, TJ's is great. For those of us more sensitive, it's

    better to stay away from ambiguous labeling like 'No gluten ingredients'.

  7. I dunno, if I had kids I'd make everyone wash their hands. Most people eat in

    the car, so even just the steering wheel would be contaminated, and I've had

    enough small children chew on my hands to know how easy that transfer would

    be. Not to mention all the dirty food-covered money, fast-food joint door handles,

    and who knows what that people touch without thinking about it. As an adult

    living alone I can monitor what I put in my mouth, but a two-year old is pretty

    hard to police lol~

  8. I was at ICDS and the geneticist and the other Celiac experts say that you can't have celiac without the genetic component. There might be a case of it, but likely something went wrong in the diagnosis process. That doesn't mean that people can't have problems with gluten and not be Celiac. There is ongoing research on the possible reasons for that - a few- FODMAPS & a different protein in wheat

    Perhaps the understanding of the genes involved has changed since I last looked

    into it? I thought it was like the DQ2,4 genes were understood to be Celiac-possible,

    and that DQ8 was thought not to be, and then Raven was diagnosed via endoscopy

    and has the DQ8 allele.....

  9. I'm confused. Don't we have a number of people on the board who 'don't' have

    the Celiac gene but 'do' have Celiac? I don't think I've ever been told before that

    you can be genetically ruled out of the possibi


    This site also mentions that if you do not have the Celiac gene marker, then you cannot get Celiac – but you can still have Gluten Sensitivity.  However, they do not have enough information to know for sure if someone with Gluten Sensitivity and the gene marker will get – or is more likely to get – Celiac.


    If I have non-celiac gluten sensitivity now, does that mean I would develop celiac disease if I continued to eat gluten?

    We really don't have data to answer that. Once we know exactly what triggers non-celiac gluten sensitivity, we'll be able to answer that question. A helpful thing however would be to get tested for the celiac genes: if absent - while you certainly may still be gluten sensitive - you won't stand a chance of becoming celiac.



    I'm confused. Don't we have a number of people on the board who 'don't' have

    the Celiac gene but 'do' have Celiac? I don't think I've ever been told before that

    you can be genetically ruled out of the possibility.


  10. I roll sticky doughs out between two pieces of plastic wrap.

    I had some of this dough and put the container in the freezer. Apparently, the company says not to freeze the dough! Oh well.

    I have some more and want to make a free form pie. It has a fancy name that I don't know. You roll it out to basically round, put the fruit filling in the middle, then roll over the sides to partly cover the filling. I figure this is good if the crust isn't too pretty when I roll it out.


  11. See, I tried the vinegar thing and the smell WOULD NOT QUIT. I have waist length, very soft,

    slightly wavy fine hair, but I have LOTS of it, just a stupid pile of hair on my head. Even two days

    later my hair still smelled like vinegar, to the point where it nauseated me. Am I doing something

    wrong? I'd LOVE to go no-poo, and would happily just hat my head til the adjustment period is

    over. You rinse the vinegar out, right? I did and the smell still smacked me two days later....

  12. Here are some dumb laws from Michigan. My thoughts on some of them too.

    Persons may not be drunk on trains.

    Willfully destroying your old radio is prohibited. Why would I destroy a radio if it still works? I could give it away to salvation army and let somebody else get some joy out of it.

    It is legal for a robber to file a law suit, if he or she got hurt in your house. Isn't that like kicking you when your already down?

    Given how many reports I've seen of people suing-and winning!- because they were hurt in the process

    of committing a crime, I wish EVERY state had this law!

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