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  1. My personal experience with being underweight has been perhaps a bit

    unorthodox. I have found that the more junk food I eat, the more I lose

    weight. When I stick to 95% organic meats, veg, fruits, and dairy, I am able

    to maintain, and even gain a bit when I'm working out. If I overload on grains,

    sugar, things like ice cream, cookies and cake, I lose weight. It's weird but

    hey, everyone's different. The biggest things that have helped me maintain

    are coconut products of all kinds, using digestive enzymes and a probiotic

    that agrees with me, and avoiding grains and sugar. Right now I'm 122 lbs

    at 5'7". That drops dramatically whenever I go off diet. Also, sleep! I miss

    sleep and I lose weight, go figure.... Pretty much I'm the opposite of all the

    conventional wisdom about weight gain lol....

  2. The only thing I could think of that might affect you would be, what was the paper

    used for? I worked in an office where people ate at their desks all day long and

    put their grubby fingers all over the papers. I wouldn't imagine that a situation like

    that could lead to anything being airborne, but maybe paperwork from a bakery

    or something might have enough flour on it? :blink:  I dunno that's all I got :D

  3. Hmmmm, I'll look for it.  Tried the Redbridge and it was awful!  Maybe I still can recall (it's only been 7 weeks), my fav -- New Castle.  I'm going to stick to Potato Vodka and fresh squeezed OJ for a while.  No weird taste there.  

    No, that's not you, that's the beer. I'd say an informal poll of the posts I've read here would get you

    a 95% rating of 'yuck' on Redbridge, hahahaha.....



    I was a Newcastle/Killian's/sometimes Heineken girl myself before gluten-free, definitely try Green's.

    My favorite is the dubbel dark.

  4. I have been in the unfortunate position of being out of food due to my house burning

    down. It will most certainly freak you the **** out to be suddenly without access to food,

    however, the situation described by the OP sounds chronic rather than acute in nature.


    Considering that the OP might have mental health issues due to gluten consumption is

    most certainly valid, given what we know of the disease, and counseling the OP in that

    light is also most certainly valid. Counseling the OP in the 'tough love' light is also entirely

    appropriate, given the amount of time they have been in the situation and the number of

    years they have had available to them to rectify it.


    Those two viewpoints do not need to be mutually exclusive, and arguing amongst

    ourselves over them is less than constructive. I'm sure it's possible for each camp to offer

    their advice and personal experience to the OP without having to comment on the other

    viewpoints presented......

  5. Without other symptoms, I wouldn't consider canker sores to be a sign of a glutening,

    although it is possible. I found that any commercial toothpaste gives me canker sores,

    I now have to use liquid soap to brush my teeth (you get used to it....). All it is is a

    localized bacterial infection. I find that zinc lozenges kick the crap out of them. I hold

    the lozenge against it for as long as I can, until it melts away. It also numbs the canker

    sore, which is good, cuz those buggers hurt! Also avoiding sugar helps, as with any


  6. When I first went gluten free, I gained 15 pounds in the first month-I

    have stretch marks from it. But it was ALL in the hips, my butt like,

    exploded. So for almost a year after that I kept ramming into things

    with my hips because they were bigger than I was used to! I mean,

    the first 15 came quickly, but I continued to gain weight that year, and

    it was mostly in the hipp-al area. Constant bruises, it was pretty funny



    I still do stuff like misjudge the swing of the door on the car I've had

    for FIVE YEARS and crack my head or my arm or some unusual part

    of my anatomy..... I'm an expert faller, I've never broken anything from

    falling down and I most CERTAINLY should have..... :ph34r:

  7. I recently attended a wedding as someone's +1, not knowing anyone there. Instead of

    trying to fuss with the caterers or anything, I just made turkey burger patties (because

    they're delicious cold) and a salad in a bag, snuck out to my car at the right time, and

    asked for a clean plate. Only the woman sitting next to me even noticed, noone else at

    the table had a clue. Whipped the food out of the bags onto the plate in about 14 seconds

    and acted like nothing was weird! I would personally recommend this tactic for 'stranger'



    I did go to the wedding of very close friends a few years ago, and long before the wedding

    they told their caterer I'd be contacting them, and gave me the caterer's info, having let

    them know ahead of time to just do whatever I told them. So in that case, the bride &

    groom handled it before it could even become a problem. I told them who I was when I sat

    down, and my food was brought out to me still covered, having been prepared separately!


    So I guess it can go either way, depending on what kind of wedding you're attending and

    what kind of people are involved. As with anything, you'll develop your own strategies for

    dealing with things like this going forward.

  8. Actually, I got bit by that dish soap, not because of dishes (I find it less than effective for doing dishes)

    but because I regularly use the other scent of Ecover dish soap as shampoo. Hey, it's cheap.... 

    Made my head hive up, as I have a topical allergy to wheat as well, and I realized what had happened

    and washed my hair again with something before it could become any kind of issue with my hair

    getting in my mouth. Ya just get surprised sometimes, ya know?



    To the OP, certainly, if you see food stuck on dishes, rewash, whether it's a gluten concern or not. Can

    I ask how this is happening? More than one person in charge of the dishes, dishwasher not up to snuff?

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