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  1. THIS is why I don't eat produce I can't wash. I worked in a grocery store for four

    years, and they are like a gluten den of iniquity. Those conveyor belts get cleaned

    MAYBE once a month. I spent four years watching filthy-handed small children

    putting their hands all over everything as they walk through the store. Pick up an

    apple, put it back down. Drop it on the floor, put it back on the shelf. Sneeze on it.

    At least twice a day. All while eating a bag of Goldfish.


    Never assume that something that's been sitting on a shelf where

    hundreds of people come through a day is safe for you to sink your teeth into. My

    strategy is simple- I clean my counters after I'm done putting away food, and I wash

    all my produce with soap and water, even if it's wrapped. It's probably excessive,

    but whatever, it keeps me safe. I also don't put 'naked' food down anywhere that

    a 'package' has landed, thanks to the conveyor belt issue. I used to be one of the

    cashiers who rarely if ever cleaned those off, and a bag of flour leaks on those at

    least every other day. Those bags of flour always leak.....

  2. Wahls, I just wanted to respond to a comment you made earlier in the thread about

    soaps and toiletries and such. You can't actually suck gluten up through your pores.

    The recommendation to check personal care products is so that things that go in or

    on your mouth, like chapstick or toothpaste, are safe, and also because who hasn't

    gotten soap in their mouth, right? For women, long hair can be more of a concern, I

    know I've gotten a mouthful of hair too many times to count, so I would want to be

    careful not to use hairspray with wheat starch in it or anything like that. I know a lot

    of Aveeno products have oats in them, I wouldn't want to use facewash or lotions

    for example, if it had oats in it. Those are the kinds of things we're recommending

    you check on.

  3. Can I ask what purpose having the official diagnosis will serve? Your blood tests

    are positive, and gluten makes you very, very sick. What benefit will you get from

    forcing yourself to suffer through continuing to eat gluten for an official diagnosis?

    You didn't say how long you'd been gluten free for, but I do know that you need to

    be eating gluten for a good bit longer than a few weeks for an accurate biopsy result,

    which I am sure from your reading you know isn't guaranteed anyway.


    Basically, what will having an official diagnosis help you with, and if this test were to

    come back negative, would you continue eating gluten? If you would stop anyway,

    knowing how much better you feel, then you need to weight the effects of glutening

    yourself for the purposes of the test against the benefits of having the official diagnosis.

    There are some doctors who will diagnose based on the positive bloodwork and your

    response to the diet, as well. You may want to speak with your doctor about that.


    You know, I don't think I've ever had it properly explained to me why the positive blood

    doesn't qualify as a diagnosis. Maybe someone with more scientific understanding can

    jump in for me? What could cause elevated anti-gluten antibodies, other than Celiac?

  4. Now I just have to find some of those products.  It look's like there has been another merger/buyout between Julie's and Glutenfreeda.  Now I have to figure out when this happened?

    I think quite some time ago, judging based on the ice cream sandwiches made

    with Glutenfreeda cookies and Julie's ice cream I've seen on shelves for a few

    years now. That may have been a precursor to a merger or something tho. I do

    know that Julie's ice cream is quite tasty!

  5. I've always been really uptight about no gluten kissyface. I'm just now

    starting a new relationship, and made it very clear upfront about the need

    for toothbrushing (and beard washing :D ) and he was fine with it. The

    gluten thing has definitely kept me from being as free with my kisses as I

    might like to be, but I just am not willing to risk it. Nothing with gluten on

    it goes in or near my mouth, and that includes someone else's mouth. If

    they're all gluteny they can kiss my neck, I like that fine! ;)

  6. Any bacteria that would cause stomach upset would never do it right away.

    Not that I've heard of anyway. Mild cases of food poisoning can be just diarrhea,

    but anything that makes you vomit needs usually 18-24 hours to incubate.



    Keep in mind that you can develop a lactose intolerance at any time, and for

    some with lactose intolerance, volume is key. My uncle can have butter, cheese,

    pizza, cream in his coffee, but if he has too much ice cream or milk it's all over.

    I would call that VERY mild lactose intolerance.

  7. It's great to know you are now skiing, Lisa. I'm only 4.5 months in and GET what you mean about it being harder at first after diagnosis. I'm in it. I CAN'TWAIT TO SKI!

    Also, am with you Gemini on the AMA killing us. In Italy, every citizen is pre-screened and know within TWO WEEKS if they have Celiac! This ignorance here in the states is outrageous and I won't diverge into my own personal diatribe about being handed around the medical system for the past 8-10 years! My hematologist told me last year that he thought he was looking at a case of malpractice. Have you ever heard THAT come out of a doctor's mouth? Yet, he can't come out and say anything direct because they all have their little fiefdoms that the other mustn't tread on so it took A LOT of hints each appointment with him (touching my tender abdomen and telling me that's not normal; flipping through the GI doctor's reports acting nonplussed and asking me, "who is this Dr. __________ again?!?" He also told me that there was not one doctor (out of my slew of them) that had the WHOLE picture). This lead me to get back on the personal case of "Cali". What ARE all of these seemingly unrelated symptoms? Hmmmm????

    Gluten-Free diet? Huh???

    *WHAPO*!!! The rest is history along with my certain blood deficiencies shooting up rapidly since October. My skin looks VERY nice. I didn't even know I had nice skin!

    I too, have a friend who cheats. She merely gets the itchy rash (that's her only symptom!). She went gluten free in 1998(!!!) but now is saying its a wheat allergy (goodness knows she wants to remain a non-conformist). Lately, she's been posting pictures of "glutenous" food on FB. I can't tell you how upset this makes me. She even teases me with it now, "look what I'M eating!". She believes that the severity of symptoms is positively correlated to whether or not it's a wheat allergy or Celiac (the greater the symptoms being Celiac). Her niece and nephew have excema and she wants them on a gluten-free diet but here she is cheating and telling me she doesn't want any "negative seeds planted in her mind". (In effect, "SHUT UP"!) Argh!!

    Oh well, people have to make their own choices.

    A question for you veterans: do you eat out? Dr. Fasano says we should eat out to educate the eating establishments so that this option becomes more and more viable for all of us. What do you think about this?

    I ate out over the weekend and am paying the price. I may also be suffering from a little CC here and there. This is quite the process. I know it's the lucky autoimmune disease because we can control it and also, the fact my symptoms are horrendous makes me never want to cheat (everrrrrrrrr). I have had to continually repeat this "I'm lucky" mantra to myself today to get through it. Can't wait to move from rookie to veteran. How many steps does THAT take?


    To answer the 'veteran' question, it sort of just happens one day. It could be four months into the diet, it could be four years, just one day you'll realize you're doing everything right, without second guessing yourself at all. And however long it takes you is totally ok! It's ok to be a rookie!


    As to eating out, it definitely can be trial and error. I am blessed in that I have no less than three dinner and one breakfast establishment within 40 minutes of me that GET IT. I mean, separate dishes for gluten free food, the whole nine yards. I have not been hit once at any of them. Yes, it's a risk every time, and I accept that.


    I have a system for where I'm willing to eat. 1. Do they have a website? If so, it must have a gluten free menu on it. No restaurants that only have them in-house. 2. What look does the host/hostess give me when I say gluten free? If I get that deer in the headlights thing, I just get water. 3. What is it that's ON that gluten free menu? Is it just steak, baked potatoes, and green beans? Well, I can do that at home and I usually don't bother! If there's anything fried I always ask the question about the fryer and how they keep food straight in the kitchen. My favorite place always has the cook or shift manager bring out the food for the gluten free person, so the waitstaff can't get anything mixed up.


    Places like Outback are usually pretty good, but in those circumstances you still need to be vigilant at each location you go to. Just because they have a gluten free menu doesn't mean they get it, is something I had to remind myself of over and over and over....

  8. I'd say it could go either way Hannah. We do know that certain stressors can

    trigger Celiac, which includes just plain stress, illness, pregnancy, injury, surgery,

    infections, what have you. And a lot of ED symptoms *can* be a result of the

    physical illness of Celiac. I don't personally have any experience with eating

    disorders, but I can say that I don't think there's anything wrong with being on

    *this* special diet. :wub:

  9. If you search 'thermos' on amazon the first thing that comes up is a 16oz soup jug.

    I have that one and I love it. I run my electric teakettle and fill it with boiling water

    for a few minutes, with the lid on. Then I add my hot food, making sure it's very hot

    first. Food is usually still hot more than eight hours later, depending on how cold of

    an environment I have the jug in. They make bigger ones too, like ones designed

    for liquids that have a wide enough mouth to eat out of.

  10. MO, yes to the digestive enzymes and probiotics. Also please consider activated charcoal.

    It's what they give people after a drug overdose, and can be picked up at pretty much any

    health food store. I used it the last time I was glutened and it was like magic. Be aware that

    if you do take it, charcoal should be taken at least two hours away from any other medication

    or supplement, because it will suck them up and keep them from working.


    I've been wondering if anyone with DH has had any relief from charcoal. I think I'll go ask on

    the DH board...

  11. I personally drink vodka with water (I'm Polish :D ).


    Also, Woodchuck cider does tend to be sweet, but the Granny Smith flavor has half

    the sugar the other ones do. I also enjoy Green's beer, it's my favorite of the gluten

    free beers. I find also that mead, wine made from honey, doesn't give me headaches

    the way regular wine does (probably a sulfite thing).

  12. Try eating a bit more "good" fats and proteins, less "white" carbs and starches, and adding a calcium/magnesium/D mineral supplement and a gluten free vitamin supplement with the B complex.   Fats can be used to satiate hunger, and they provide a slow burning fuel, and when combined with the proteins will not spike your blood sugars, so you don't get into the dreaded spike/crash/burn blood sugar loop. 


    It's not imaginary, some of us are more carb- intolerant than others. 

    What she said. :rolleyes:


    Also, certain foods are more filling than others. Chicken thighs with sweet potato and broccoli

    will keep you full longer than chicken breast with white rice and a salad, for example. Can you

    say pot roast? :D

  13. I read the label when I buy anything with a label. I mean like, half n half. Cheese.

    If it's got a label, I read it. That may seem neurotic, but it only takes me a second.

    I also don't buy very much with labels on it! ;)  I was bothered by sour cream

    that turned out to have corn starch in it (corn starch? really? :angry: ) some years ago

    and have been hyper-vigilant since. I think of it as like using condoms- it only works

    if you do it EVERY TIME! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  14. I've had the meals from Artisan Bistro, they are pretty dang good. I liked the Organic Bistro brand

    as well, I don't think they're related. Also, Feel Good Foods makes egg rolls you heat up in the

    toaster oven- those are the tastiest frozen gluten free food I've had in 8 years of experimentation.

    They're incredible. I'm grain free entirely right now, so I pretty much just can't go in a store that I

    know sells them because I just can't stop myself. I have to just not go in..... It's bad.... :ph34r:

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