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  1. I have to step in and say something about your comment.


    You could not possibly be more wrong in your assessment of Gemini.

    Common sense is her strongest asset. She is, in fact, the first person who reached out to me when I first came on this site and she has more compassion in her little finger than most people I know.  She is very celiac-savvy and knows more about autoimmune diseases than most people, offered me her personal help when I was struggling (because I too had a soy, dairy and about 10 other foods intolerance going on) and I have even met her in person. She is a down-to-earth, funny woman.


    What she isn't --is a "coddler".


    Just because she tells it like it is---does not mean she is "abusive" in any way and I do not see any violation of the rules.


    Her approach may be  different from mine, perhaps, but she is always willing to help.

    I for one, appreciate her "veteran" knowledge.

    I'm sorry to beat a dead horse, but I just don't see how responding to a heartfelt post about the profound

    effects that chronic depression has on someone with "When you stop feeling sorry for yourself" qualifies

    as 'telling it like it is'.

  2. I got sick a little while after breakfast this morning, nausea and vomited once.  I made a breakfast sammie with an Udi's bagel, Boar's Head Horseradish cheddar, one egg, and a couple of those Jimmy Dean frozen pre-cooked sausage patties.  The sausage ingredients seemed fine, the only suspicious thing is soy protein.  Could I be sensitive to that as well? Or maybe it could be the cheese, probably should lay off the dairy,  but never had a problem with it before.  I'm so confused!!


    Perhaps keeping a food journal from now on would be of benefit.

    Food journals are good! Are these the symptoms you get from other food intolerances? Have you

    researched whether Jimmy Dean sausages are gluten-free? Are you maybe pregnant? ;)

  3. When you stop feeling sorry for yourself, maybe we can have a conversation.  You are attacking people for stating the obvious and making excuse after excuse for people here that make bad decision after bad decison and then want a pat on the back saying it's not their fault.  It's the sad state of society today.  I hope you can get past your issues and be healthy and happier than you appear now.  I know, what a jerk I am for accomplishing that on my own.  We are talking about making bad Celiac food decisions, not depression.


    BTW...lactose is dairy so not sure what that statement is all about.

    Gemini, you just responded to a post about depression with 'When you stop feeling sorry for yourself.'


    It would be hard, in my opinion, to be more inappropriate.


    It doesn't matter if she's on topic. Everyone who posts here has a moral responsibility not to abuse the

    other members. I am not aware as to how the board rules are worded, as I can't find them right now,

    but I'm pretty sure board rule #1 requires no abusive behavior. If I read this as abusive, how much more

    caustic must it seem to the person it's directed at?

  4. Kittty, I didn't lose all control, don't worry. But it is fun to drink and let loose every once in a while.


    I suppose my question was this. Before I went to sleep, I had the clarity to go home, set my alarm, get into my night clothes, and so forth and I did all those things without having to think. I'm wondering if one day I'll not eat gluten accidently without having to think. It will just be natural for me.


    I hope to get to that point at least.

    To answer your question, there is no guarantee that you will ever 'behave' with your diet if you

    have gotten so drunk that you don't remember doing the things you're talking about. If there's

    enough alcohol in your system to make you forget what you've done, there's enough alcohol

    in your system to make you forget your diet, too. It's possible, I've been FANTASTICALLY

    snockered and still turned down all food (I just refuse to eat when I'm drunk  :rolleyes: )

    but I know that about myself. So it's possible that you'll get there too. However, I've never in

    my life managed to down enough alcohol to make me black out. I think it's cuz I'm Polish :D

    So I don't know whether I would forget my diet during an amnesiac inebriation, because it's

    never happened to me. I'd say it could go either way, and that for now it would be best to

    keep the alcohol down to a reasonable volume. ;)

  5. Given that you've tried lactose free products and still have issues, it's likely an intolerance of

    the protein in cow's milk, called casein, that's affecting you. The advice to try a little goat's

    milk still holds, although if you're worried about the cost of fish, then the cost of goat's milk

    products will be fairly high for you as well. Perhaps a fairly inexpensive hemp protein powder

    for the calories? You could throw a bit here and there into those smoothies.


    Definitely start being more vigilant about cross-contamination. That's frequently the culprit

    with people who feel better for a while and then feel worse again. You might also try getting

    some coconut products into your diet, especially coconut oil. You could even make homemade

    raw or cooked granola with your nuts and seeds. As with anything, give yourself a few weeks

    on your safe diet before trying, and only try one new thing at a time.

  6. Well, have you had any episodes of a glutening where you knew for sure you'd been hit?

    That sounds pretty severe to be a glutening to me. It does happen to some people, but it's

    fairly rare for that reaction to a glutening to come out of nowhere when it's never happened

    before. I'd say it was probably the stomach flu, especially with the fever. Celiac-associated

    fevers don't tend to get over 99.5 (which is purely an anecdotal observation from what

    people have said on the board here).

  7. The difference between corn and wheat plastic is that with corn plastic, they make it with the food part of corn. The part you, and many others, have a problem with. With wheat plastic, it is  made from wheat straw, the leftovers after harvesting the food, which contains no gluten and which would pose no risk to any of us. Taking the time to understand the science makes this a lot less freaky.


    We also aren't talking about when and if they start doing these things. They are being done and have been being done for quite some time. This isn't new, it is just news for some. If it hasn't caused any of us harm yet, it is difficult to believe it will suddenly begin causing us harm just because we know about it.


    Look, I'm not trying to be argumentative... but at some point reason and science need to intervene over our irrational fears.



    Actually, the article clearly stated that wheat stubble, or grass, is used for certain things, and that

    wheat starch, which (I think?) must come from the grain itself, is used for other things. Now, I hope

    sincerely that the OP has gotten over their initial freak-out reaction to this. It's easy to freak out at

    everything. As for me, this article has not created any irrational fears, but honest curiosity. Obviously,

    it's a generic statement being made by the grower's association, not any of the actual companies

    that produce any of these products. I still think it warrants some attention paid, at least by me. I,

    personally, would like to know what cups and eating utensils they're referring to. Maybe I'll write

    to them.

  8. My concerns on that list would be plastic film-used regularly to cover food for storage, EATING UTENSILS- :ph34r: ,

    medical swabs, biodegradable packaging-when I buy organic veggies at my local grocery chain they are

    frequently packaged in this, and textile finishing agents. With the textiles it doesn't seem likely to be a problem,

    it would just wash out I'd think. But what kind of medical swab? I'd love to see an actual list of brands and

    companies that do this. Obviously, when in doubt wash your food off first and don't lick your packaging. But

    cups? What kind of cups? That's an incredibly open-ended list..... I don't care if skeet pigeons have wheat in

    them, but I do care if food packaging does.

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