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  1. I'm a gluten intolerant individual (may or may not be celiac since I haven't had the biopsy but am 400% healther on a gluten-free diet) and have a 6 mo. old who is just starting solid foods. When I spoke with my doc about this she didn't seem to have much/any(?) advice for me. She only agreed with me that 'time will tell' with respect to the baby. Well, I don't like this answer, i.e. time will tell, and wonder if there is a way I can deal with introducing foods to see if the baby is gluten intolerant/celiac. So far I did try to start with fortified rice cereal and introduced it on three separate occasions a few days apart and each time got major shrieking belly pains and constipation. Through a few searches I see this can be a common reaction and individuals recommend that oatmeal might be a better choice. However, I don't have oatmeal or barley or any gluten-bearing things in my diet so I'm leary of moving him to oatmeal if he can't even tolerate rice yet. The baby is successfully getting lots of good veggies (and still has breastmilk) without a problem. Any advice on introducing cereals? Anything I should be looking for in terms of reactions? BTW, as soon as I introduced any solid food at all, he now has dark circles under his eyes which my older son also has had since the introduction of foods (he's now 8). I'm just very leary of food in general since IBS and other gastrointestinal disorders/illnesses seem to plague my whole extended family and especially me. Like every parent wanting the best and healthiest for her child, RiceFiend
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm currently planning on trying the gluten-free diet over the summer with my son since I'll be home this summer with the baby. As you know it's VERY difficult to go gluten-free when the #1 staple in school lunchs is a sandwich or other bread product. I'm still not very fond of the rice breads out there so I don't want to force them on him unless needed. In the summer we'll be able to avoid bread and other gluten-carrying food products for a few weeks by eating exclusively at home. I'm nervous that the results will indicate yet another gluten-free diet for the home. There go my food bills! RiceFiend
  3. I'm also currently BF with a 2nd child (now several months old) and having supply issues and also taking medication, etc. I had undiagnosed celiac with my 1st and no supply issues. This time I'm on a gluten-free diet and do have supply issues. Could there be something that we might normally be getting from gluten-rich products that affects production? I am taking pre/post-natal vitamins, btw. Curious. Interesting question. I have no answers. RiceFiend
  4. I've been on a gluten-free diet now for almost 3 years and felt the dramatic difference it made in my relationship to eating and virtually living in my bathroom after only the first two weeks. My doc advised me not to get the small biopsy or even bother with the blood tests because of the profound difference the diet has made. Since I still routinely eat out and share a toaster, etc. (but not MY utensils, margarine tub, peanut butter or jam) with other family members, I occasionally get a severe diarrheal attack that I attribute to likely having been exposed to an intolerable level of gluten somewhere. My symptoms generally hit either to wake me up out of sleep at the wee houirs of the morning or first thing in the morning just to mess with allowing me to plan anything. It's like my system just needs to empty it's entire contents to get rid of some offending crumb sitting on top. So, if it were only me, I think I might be relatively fine with this. However, I have one small child that has nasty stomache cramping and diarrhea often (5+ times per week) at mealtimes and he has tested negative to the blood IGE testing for celiac. Should we go further in testing him or would it help to go further in testing me for the sake of proving/disproving celiac heritage? How harsh would it be to withhold gluten from his diet for two to three weeks to see if there's a difference (considering his breakfast and lunch staples include lots of wheat products)? There is now a second child in the picture too and I will be watching the introduction of solid food VERY carefully in a few months when it's time for this baby to eat his first foods. So many questions. There must be more of you here who have issues with your kids and your celiac and whether or not the kids are affected? Advice? RiceFiend (at least I am now... risotto is now my favourite along with Kinnikin Honey Rice Bran Bread)
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