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  1. Been working with Bob's Red Mill Bread Mix and each time I make it---it gets better. At first I made it in one loaf, which is suggested on the bag, but it makes such a gigantic loaf that it really is unmanageable when you cut it into slices----way too big. I bought four small non-stick pans and it is working out nicely. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and follow the directions on the bag letting the mixture beat (not with the dough hook, just the regular beater). Today they turned out so fluffy and nice, yet crusty on the outside. These four loaves should do me for some time. I am lucky as I am the only one that eats gluten-free in the house. This could be a chore if you had several people in the house with celiac disease, but I am so thrilled to be eating really good bread again. Oh, you only have to bake the small loaves for 40 minutes in a convection oven, might be a little longer in a regular oven. Be sure to use apple cider vinegar which is what you should be using rather than white vinegar. It does take a lot of eggs, but heck, you're worth it!!!!!!!!!
  2. Fibromyalgia, celiac disease and thyroid conditions very often go hand-in-hand. It looks like you need a new doctor. I have all three and I use magnesium with malic acid and Mobic which is an anti-inflammitory and other than occasional flare-ups I am pretty much under control.....and then of course eating gluten-free. You probably do no have RA, however, a trip to a rhumatologist would be a good idea. There is a blood test for that. Fibromyalgia is diagnosed after they rule out other kinds of arthritis..............as it is a kind of arthritis too. Best wishes to you.
  3. On Oprah's site she is asking for show ideas now. I went on and suggested she do a show on celiac. I know we have tried this before, but with Elisabeth on THE VIEW coming out now we need to stike while the iron is hot. Just go to www.oprah.com and give your opinion on a show on celiac.
  4. Paul Newman's Own Raspberry Walnut dressing is really good and gluten-free. We like using that for a pasta salad. I take that along when I go to restaurants to use on my salads, too. AND, he donates all of the profits from all of his products to charity.
  5. Hello All!

    Of all the message boards out there, this is THE ONE you should stay with. There are a lot of very smart people hanging out here. There will be times when discussions get intense and way off the point, but if you don't like that, you just don't have to get involved, however, those can be interesting too at times. I have gotten some really good information over time........as for doctors just be aware that some of them do not know squat about celiac disease and the tests can come back negative when you really do have celiac disease, but they are not aware of this. Because there are no pills to conquer this disease, some doctors are not really well versed on the subject of celiac disease and gluten intolerance. You can get diagnosed at any age, my 88 year old mom just got a positive diagnosis after getting a negative one a year ago. She has had it for many years, I would imagine. I got diagnosed four years ago and my 8 year old granddaughter got diagnosed at one year old. I carry the gene. Best wishes to you as you go on your gluten free journey.........
  6. Here is a great chocolate frosting recipe from the back of a Bob's Red Mill Brownie Mix bag: 1-14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk 1 1/2 t. gluten-free vanilla 12 oz. chocolate chips (Nestles are gluten-free) When your brownies or cake are nearly done, combine all topping ingredients in heavy saucepan over low heat until chocolate pieces are melted. Remove from heat. Spread mixture over warm brownies and allow to cool and cut. I add McCormick's mint extract to the frosting mix as we love mint chocolate around here. I am going to make these for our family for a party this weekend. I really love the Bob's Red Mill products. I use the all purpose flour, the bread mix and the brownie mix so far. This is a real intense frosting, kind of like candy.
  7. So very sorry for you devastating loss...............I don't think we ever really get over the loss of a parent if we are close to them. I lost my dad 35 years ago and there are still times that I miss him, it just gets better gradually as the years go by. My dad was a great dad and grandfather and went too soon.......as yours may have. The former comments have been good ones, take heed in them. You now have to be strong for your children and your mom and you WILL find a way to do that, it seems to come from somewhere when we need it. PRAY. It is very interesting that you came to your friends on this message board, which is the very best one around. We will stick with you. Many hugs.........
  8. I was away from this message board for awhile and glad to be back. I will tell all of you that this is------by far--------the most excellent message board for celiac people. Most of the people here are kind, intelligent, wonderful people, and if there are clinkers, they are few. In anything in life, there are a few clinkers. I, too, do so appreciate the things that I get from this message board and if a prayer or two comes my way, then that is great----or if I can offer a prayer or two, that is good too. I have picked up so many nice ideas and hopefully have offered a few through the last couple of years. I don't know if anyone has started a thread about "The Secret" and I have not read it, but the premis seems to be that you are what you bring on yourself as suggested earlier in this thread. I am not sure I believe this. The people behind the book/DVD, have been on Oprah and Larry Kind and sure seem adamant about it. They are all highly successful at their endeavors, but this could be a cooincidence, too. Having a positive attitude isn't any secret and that goes way back to Norman Vincent Peale's book "The Power of Positive Thinking". When you apply that to the celiac issue, then we have to be grateful that we do not have a killer disease, that if we eat properly, we will live a long and good life, or this is how I look at it. I feel sorry for my mom, who at the age of 88, just got diagnosed with celiac disease and her innards are ruined by now. I got diagnosed at 58 and my granddaughter got diagnosed at one. I have the gene. She is a little genius about every aspect of the issue and I learn things from her all the time. Fortunately her parents are vigilant with her diet. I had someone tell me recently that they are seeing articles about gluten issues and gluten-free food at the strore all the time now. Aren't we lucky that it is coming out of the closet. I think Elisabeth is going to really be a good friend to us. Of course, I am a HUGE fan of THE VIEW. Gotta run and teach confirmation to a nice group or teenagers now. Barbara
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