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  1. *sigh* this post really touched me - I never post on here but couldn't help it on this one...

    I did some research a while back and most of the links between ED's and Celiac were biological in nature. But as one who suffers from/battles both the psychological links are really powerful.

    -ED tells me "everyone's watching what you eat" and indeed, people always ask why I can't eat certain things and every meal eaten with others inevitably involves a conversation about my diet.

    -ED tells me eating is bad and then I get praised by co-workers for abstaining from someone's birthday cake "you're so good" "you have such will-power" (um...or such bad diarrhea if you must know!)

    -ED tells me to obsess about food labels. Celiac makes me.

    -ED tells me I shouldn't eat. Celiac makes me wish food didn't exist.

    My Celiac diagnosis actually exacerbated a lurking eating disorder that had not yet surfaced in full force. I've had about 4 years of therapy for ED and it is still a daily battle. Celiac and ED are so intermingled that I can't even isolate the diagnoses anymore. I would really recommend you get treatment for the ED and process the Celiac journey as well.

    also, I have a blog that discusses both if you ever want to check it out...I just posted about Celiac tonight



  2. Hello all,

    Just wanted to follow up about my sugar cravings. Went to a nutritionist this week who opened my eyes to HOW MUCH SUGAR I am taking in every day in my "healthy diet" - dried fruit, Kashi GoLEAN shakes, sweet yogurt (I buy the "light" ones but they're still loaded with sugar), kettle corn, etc. No wonder I get hungry very often, crave sugar, and have recently gained weight for the first time in my adult life. She suggested I drastically reduce my fruit intake, add much more protein and veggies at each meal, and switch to plain or "low carb" yogurts.

    Seems to have already made me feel better in just a few days - only problem is VERY gassy from the veggies and BEANO has wheat in it (she recommended this product apparently not realizing that so I'm glad I checked the label).

    Hope this might help someone else who goes through each day thinking they're eating healthy but might benefit from nutrition check.

    Take care,


  3. I, too, have HORRIBLE sugar cravings, particularly at night and I feel out of control. I am a healthy eater and avid exerciser with not weight problems, per se, but have gained weight over the past 3 months due to the sugar binges. M&M's, ice cream, fruit, nothing satisfies and I find myself going back for more and more until it's bedtime. I also notice a craving for other carbs (I want a WAFFLE with syrup after dinner) and I find myself putting powdered sugar on everything (even things naturally sweet). I live alone and would be totally embarrrassed for someone to see the things I eat.

    Theories I have:

    (1) some sort of vitamin/mineral deficiency (I have a nutritional consult next week)

    (2) feelings of deprivation all day over the foods I can't eat which result in cravings/indulgence at night

    (3) hypoglycemia - I have some other symptoms such as rapid onset of extreme hunger ~2 hours after every meal, dizzy spells, etc.

    (4) what is now a pattern of sweets at night that is hard to break and has led my body to expect it

    But in all liklihood it's some combination of the above. Let me know if you find any relief!!!

  4. My b-day in Feb. was tough too. I tried to make myself the gluten-free Pantry Angel Food cake but it failed miserably b/c i don't own a hand mixer. and the "gluten-free cupcakes" a friend got me at a regular bakery in DC made me sick! boo! I was in a gluten-free slump. My boyfriend and i used to love to eat out and i became extremely frustrated with sticking to salad and baked potato or unmarinated steak (which, for the most part taste the same at every darn restaurant!! no fun). Now he's has begun treating me with wonderful wines for special occasions and when we eat out so that I have something to look forward to other than the food. So for my birthday we opened a very fancy bottle and indulged. I didn't even miss the cake! Who wants cake with wine anyway???

    This might not work for everyone but I would encourage you to find something else about those "social" eating events to look forward to - other than the food.

  5. I was ALWAYS the littlest one in my class in elementary school - my parents called me the peanut of the family because I was a tiny child - not freakishly skinny - just petite (incidentally my mom now looks back on my childhood and says I always had issues with hunger/tummy complaints). I'm now 5'3" with a small athletic frame and weigh anywhere from 115 - 120 lbs. When I was sickest in high school I got down to 108 and was diagnosed with IBS (10 years later, at 25 y.o. - diagnosed definitively celiac with biopsy and blood tests). I'm similar in size/shape to my mom. Brother is 6'4" and thin as a rail. Dad is athletic build ~6'. No one in my family has ever had weight problems - all have active lifestyles and very fast metabolisms. Both dad and brother claim that "beer doesn't sit well with them" but no other signs of Celiac. Paternal great aunt with Celiac and that side of my family is all Swedish (isn't there a Northern European Celiac link?).

  6. My brother told me he read an article somewhere about how the increasing gluten sensitivities are in part due to the way we (modern man) store wheat products - for extended periods of time and exposed to contaminants before they are ever prepared and packaged and put on the shelf. He wanted me to try growing my own wheat field (yeah, right - eating is already enough labor!!) as an experiment.

    The dog food gluten contamination thing made me wonder more about the storage/handling/safety of wheat products. i'm glad my pooch's food is safe because he sure eats enough of it to sink a battleship. also - confession - on "bad celiac days" I have felt envious that my dog can eat wheat and I can't. but then i smell his food and don't feel so bad about my PB&J rice cake.

  7. I also have felt light-headed and dizzy increasingly lately. I've been gluten-free for 7 months and have not recently changed my diet/lifestyle etc. Don't notice a distinct pattern of it happening only when I'm really hungry (I'm frequently REALLY hungry) and I know I'm eating enough food. It tends to happen when I stand up from my desk at work - but feels different from the starry eyed thing I get sometimes from blood pressure drop with change in position. Hmmm? Could this be an anemia type of thing? I feel like I'm adequately hydrated but maybe not??