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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thanks for the reply! I hate having to deal with this daily. Yes my stomach swell's as well. People actually thought I was pregnant at times. Isn't It crap that doctors who we think we can trust will laugh In our faces and tell us "It's all In our heads" I have been following a gluten free diet for about 2 weeks now and I feel a little better, but I still seem to swell up a little still. I guess I will have to give It more time to see what happens. I really think that this Is what I have. I know I have food Intolerances as I only feel bad when I eat. The weird thing Is, Is that I tend to swell up even after drinking water. I find that very weird. Thanks again kerry, Michelle
  3. Hello everyone! I am new here and thought I would share my story as I was shocked to actually find some other people who share the same symptoms as i do. So I guess I am not crazy! LOL Well it all started when I was pregnant with my daughter 5 1/2 years ago. I found that while I was pregnant, my body would go up and down in weight daily (about 10 to 12 pounds daily). The doctors were worried about the baby because of It, even though my child was fine. After I delievered my daughter I was hoping these weird weight fluctuations would stop,but of course they didn't. Some days I can go up 12 pounds! I have good days, where I can actually fit into my clothes. But more often then not I have bad days where my clothes don't fit at all. One day I can fit into my clothes and the next day I CANT! It Is sooo frustrating! I have measured my thighs and found one day from the next there can be a 1 1/2 inch diffrence! I have been to the doctors about this and have been laughed at! I have went to specialists and been told that It's all in my head!! I was told It Is not possible to gain that much weight daily!! My bloodwork has come back time and time again perfect. So I am not sure what Is wrong with me. I talked to a Natural doctor and was told that my symptoms sound like celiac disease, so thats why I am here.She also told me I might have Yeast Overgrowth (or something like that). Do you guys think with my symptoms and problems that Celiac disease might be what I have? Please let me know as I am tired of dealing with It! Thanks! Michelle
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